WWE News: Free Agents That We Could See Snapped Up During The WWE Draft

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The WWE Draft starts on SmackDown tomorrow night, and there already looks set to be a number of unpredictable moments to ensure that fans tune into Monday’s edition with the same enthusiasm.

Fans are already speculating that the draft could see some superstars called up from NXT to the main roster, but there are also a number of unattached superstars that could make the move to either Raw or SmackDown. But, which free agents could be hot property in this year’s draft?

WWE News: Dabba-Kato

WWE fans are still trying to find out whether the days of Raw Underground are over as it has been missing from the past two editions of Raw. One of the stars from the contentious segment was Dabba-Kato, and he could be one of the hottest free agents that could be picked during the draft.

He initially made his debut on television back at the Greatest Royal Rumble, but he was eliminated by Braun Strowman. The same man would be the one to end his undefeated streak on Underground, and that could mean that he may now have his sights set on competing regularly in the typical WWE ring.

WWE News: Ronda Rousey

There are a lack of numbers on the SmackDown women’s roster, and that could mean a star arrival could be a game changer. The idea of Sonya Deville returning has been muted, but a name much bigger than that could be on the cards.

Ronda Rousey hasn’t been seen since losing her title at WrestleMania over a year ago, but she has constantly been teasing that she is ready to return. Time is running out on that to happen as she only has six months left to run on her current deal. Rousey’s return would add numbers to the division and could present a real threat to Bayley’s title reign.

WWE News: John Cena

This may be wishful thinking, but we could get one of the biggest names in WWE history return during the draft as he isn’t on either Raw or SmackDown. Cena is still only one win away from matching the number of world titles won by Ric Flair.

He would bring with him a spotlight that would allow for those around him to shine. Cena has muted the possibility of being retired, but it would be impossible to bet against the superstar returning for one final run with the company.

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