Tea Cups & Postcards With Prince Andrew’s Face On Pulled Off the Shelves, Here’s Why – British Royal Family the Anymore

British Royal Family News says for those looking to snag a postcard, tea cup or t-shirt with Prince Andrew’s name on it, there’s a very slim chance that they will find it as it looks like the Balmoral gift shop has stopped selling items that bear Andrew’s image on them. Of course, there’s a good reason behind it, too. Here’s what you need to know.

An unnamed source told The Sunday Times that the British Royal Family have made the rightful decision to take off any postcards, tea cups or other memorabilia that bears his name or face, seeing how he has becoming the laughing stock of the monarchy because of his embarrassing but controversial headlines and connection to disgraced but dead financer, Jeffrey Epstein.

British Royal Family News: Here’s Why You Want Be Able To Find A Tea Cup With Prince Andrew’s Face On It Anymore

“The toxicity of his reputation is that he is indelibly associated with Epstein, and he cannot shed that reputation,” a palace source told The Sunday Times. “The queen has a soft spot for Andrew, but the Prince of Wales and Prince William will have a bigger say and I can’t see the royal family allowing him a return to any kind of public role.”

If that weren’t enough, it seems as though Prince Andrew truly doesn’t have a chance at redeeming himself as there is no organization or charity in the whole of the United Kingdom that is willing to work with him, let alone be seen in the same room as him.

“No charity, brand or business would touch him and the military want him out. What public role can there be? He must come to terms with being a private member of the royal family, though that will crush him. His best bet would be to go and manage one of the royal estates, while quietly doing some volunteering.” So far Buckingham Palace has not made any comments about the matter.

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