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Kristin Cavallari Is Thinking Of Going Into Reality Television Obscurity: Should She?

Kristin Cavallari is thinking about going into reality television obscurity, with a lot of fans wondering: should she? The reality star says she’s no longer willing to live her life in front of the cameras. Here’s what she has to say.

Speaking to Kelly Clarkson in a new interview, Kristen makes it no secret that this year has been a very difficult one on both her and her family. Not only did she pull the plug on her marriage to  her husband Jay Cutler, but she also announced that her reality series, Very Cavallari, would be coming to an end.

Kristin Cavallari Is Thinking Of Going Into Reality Television Obscurity: Should She?

The blonde beauty recently shared her thoughts about her decision to end the show and how she didn’t want to expose her real struggles to her viewers anymore.

She said, “It was [a hard decision]. However, it was definitely the right decision. I was getting a lot of anxiety about it. My life has changed very much. I have three little kids and even though I am from the reality TV world, I’ve always, sort of, kept my life somewhat private in a sense and kept the cameras at an arm’s length.”

Kristen and Jay have three children:  Camden, 8, Jaxon, 6, and Saylor, 4. The reality television star also explains that she didn’t want her divorce documented for her kids to see later on. “I wasn’t going to expose my divorce on camera and have my kids see that one day. So, I decided to walk away from it,” Kristin explained, adding, “Once I made the decision, I had such a sense of relief.”

Even though everything has happened so fast this year, Kristen says that she is finally beginning to feel a little peace in her life.

“This is the first time in a very long time that I feel like I can take a breath,” Kristin said. “I’m enjoying things slowed down and having more time to focus on what really matters in life. I want to take this extra time I have right now to better myself and be the best mom I can be and continue to grow Uncommon James. I’m not thinking about what I want to be doing next year or the year after that. I’ve driven myself crazy with that mentality the past few years. Right now, I just want to be present and enjoy this journey.”

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