Joe Rogan Shows Off His Powerful Kicks In Instagram Video In Slow Motion

Joe Rogan is insanely popular for his podcast ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ and his commentary for the ‘UFC’, however, there’s another side of Joe that many people knew before all of that and that’s his martial arts skills. I’ve sat and watched videos of his vicious kicks for a long time, and his technique and ability to absolutely crush heavy bags is astounding.

He posted some of his workouts on Instagram, showcasing his absurd ability to kick, and in one video, he put it in slow motion. He explained that it was a good way to recognize inefficiencies in his movements. Take a look at the video below that he posted with the following caption,

“Watching techniques in slow motion is a good way to recognize inefficiencies in your movements. The thing on my right arm is my @whoop sleeve. It’s how whoop can measure my workouts when I’m wearing gloves without getting in the way. I wear it like that for kettlebell workouts too.”

Joe Rogan Shows Off His Powerful Kicks In Instagram Video In Slow Motion

Of course, the video led to a lot of comments, like, “Holy back Batman”, “Lots of power in those kicks”, “If your body can handle it, your WHOOP can handle it… even if you’re Joe Rogan 💪🤯”, and “Maybe there are no inefficiencies in your movements Joe. A Ko is a ko. If it works it works. Doesn’t matter how ugly you think it is. Now I have a bad ass slow motion video of my girl jogging with “terrible form” but nobody would judge this video badly lol”.

It’s pretty amazing what this 50-some man can still do, and gives us all a kick in the pants to stay active.

What do you think? Are you a fan of Joe Rogan? Let us know in the comments below.

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