‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Cady McClain Takes Over Famed Jennifer Horton Role On DOOL From Melissa Reeves!

‘Days Of Our Lives’ (DOOL) spoilers indicate Melissa Reeves’ amazing power of self-cancellation a few months back, we found out that the actress would not be returning to the role of Jennifer Horton on DAYS when the show resumed production in September, a fact that disappointed many, because a lot of us have grown up with Melissa Reeves’ version of Jennifer.

She’s been on the show, in the same role, since 1985! That’s a long time to be in people’s homes lighting up their screen and creating a character that they’ve all come to know and love. (Or, love to hate, as the case may be sometimes) However, we all know that eventually all good things must come to an end and with COVID the time was now for Reeves.

‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Cady McClain to take over famed role of Jennifer Horton on DOOL

So, temporarily, DOOL has cast Cady McClain, who was formerly Dixie Cooney on All My Children. Everybody who’s been a longtime fan of soaps knows Dixie of Tad and Dixie, supercouple extrordinaire. Okay, so maybe this isn’t the reunification that we all dreamed of.

After all, the chapter was closed on Pine Valley in 2011 when AMC was cancelled, but in Cady’s very capable hands, this could be an interesting new chapter in the life of Jennifer Horton Deveraux. From the sounds of it, McClain intends on making this transition a smooth one for fans.

She says if she is hated by the fanbase that it wouldn’t be the first time and that she understands. She would feel the same if someone were taking over her own iconic role of DIxie, so even if everyone hates her as Jennifer, she doesn’t hate you back.

However, she did say that she was nervous to take on the role because for the past decade she’s been in the director’s seat more than she has been actually acting and that coming back to the small screen was a bit intimidating at first.

When she got the call she said she hadn’t had her roots done in 6 months and that she had to get them done on a patio wearing a mask. Oh, how us girls must suffer for beauty! The only thing me, as a long time Jack x Jennifer fan worries about is her on-screen chemistry with Matthew Ashford on-screen. Sometimes actors have it together and sometimes they don’t.

I would hate to see Jack and Jennifer break-up over something like that, and I’m sure a lot of longtime fans would as well. (Because hey, let’s face it, they just got back together!)

Either way, we’ll be interested to see where McClain takes this portrayal of Jennifer, it sounds like we’re in good hands guys. Stay tuned!!!

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