Big Britney Spears Conservatorship Update – #FreeBritney

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Today was a monumental day in the #FreeBritney movement, at least for Britney herself. Because judge Penney has approved of Britney’s own personal choice of legal counsel. Before now, Britney’s legal counsel had been court-appointed and without teeth, seemingly, but now the firm of Loeb and Loeb has been chosen to represent her.

Before now, everyone has sort of caved to father Jamie Spears’ wishes and not allowed her to have her own legal counsel, it seems like his objections has ruled his daughter with an iron fist for 12 years, continually giving her counsel that would eventually end up bending to his will.

But not anymore.

Judge Brenda Penney saw that this was a violation of Britney’s constitutional rights. (Everyone, even ‘incapacitated’ people are entitled to legal counsel who have their best interest at heart), and has given her a new shot at getting her life back.

The Judge was quoted as saying, “Britney, you’re going to be getting legal counsel, I know your Father has said that it’s expensive and it’s not worth it, but you are going to be getting legal counsel.” honestly, let’s have a round of applause for Judge Penney here.

The good news is about this development, is that we now know that Britney is in good hands. Loeb and Loeb is experienced in conservatorship, and, since Britney has already spent so much in legal fees for lawyers that were kind of questionable before, they have decided to lower their price for Britney, this once. That’s an awfully nice gesture of them.

Why all this fuss? Because on November 10th, Britney has a hearing that will decide if she gets to have Bessemer Trust be in control of her estate as well as the decision to keep her court records sealed or not. Jamie Spears was all in favor of sealing the court records so that no one could see anything else about the case, but thankfully that process was halted the last time by Judge Penney, so let’s hope she will come through for our girl Britney once again.

Everyone seems to be switching sides on Jamie Spears all of a sudden, could that be because even though Britney should be worth roughly $300M, she is only worth $50M now? What happened to that extra $250M that she earned over all those years?

The girl has been working since she was a child, and even on $50M, you could survive for several lifetimes. Think about it. If we find the paper trail, we’ll keep you updated. Stay tuned!!!

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