Addison Rae Suffers Major US Presidency Voter Registration Backlash – Is She a Republican?

It’s really not popular to be a conservative right now. Addison Rae got the full force of this when someone allegedly found her voter registration and claimed that ‘Addison Easterling’ (apparently Addison Rae’s real name) was someone who was between 16 and 20 years of age living in Tarzana, California, who was registered as a Republican!

However, Addison took to social media to tell everyone that it was basically fake news – ahem – not to believe everything they read on social media because this person who is registered to vote was definitely not Addison Rae, because 2020 is the first election that Addison Rae will be voting in, ever. She’s only 19, people!

TikTok – Addison Rae’s voter registration backlash

Before now, she has never registered to vote, simply because she wasn’t old enough. In the 2016 election, since Addison says she’s 19 now, she would have been 15 years old and legally ineligible to vote. Can’t vote if you’re not old enough, people!

Although, man, were some people mad when they thought that Addison might have been a Trump supporter, one fan wrote, “Really mad that you gave this Trumper a platform.” while another wrote, “Not you supporting the man trying to take away your entire career.” which, would be really odd, for someone to vote against their own interests like that, then again it wouldn’t be the first time, but I digress.

The person who put the information out there claims that it’s true and that he found it via Joe Biden’s app, Vote Joe, however, Addison says that she is from Louisiana, so she wouldn’t even be registered in Tarzana, California, the person simply isn’t her.

So somewhere out there there’s another Addison, who’s flying under the radar while all this is going on. Not that anyone deserves to be penalized by their choice of candidate, it’s just surprising that anyone from the Tarzana, California demographic would be supporting that particular candidate but oh well, that’s what a democracy is for, after all. Freedom of choice.

I suppose what makes it so strange is just the demographics of it all, Tarzana, California is not a place where you would equate red demographics to, but I digress. Looks like for now, Addison Rae’s followers can rest assured in the knowledge that it’s fake news. Stay tuned!!!

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