Univision Dulce Ambicion Spoilers: Regrets, bitterness, and hormones have consequences…


Univision Dulce Ambición spoilers reveal Maria de La Paz Sobral Ramirez (Juliana Paes) is humiliated. But it was for a good cause. Seriously. Plus, the drama around Fabiana do Rosário (Nathalia Dill) continues, while the assassin plot takes twist for the worst. Let’s take a look at what happened, plus what we expect to happen next.

Univision Dulce Ambicion Spoilers: Humiliated

First, Dulce Ambición spoilers reveal Maria de la Paz was the guest at a big family dinner. This brought her, unbeknownst to them, close to her missing sobrinas. The dinner was to introduce the woman Régis Mantovani (Reynaldo Gianecchini) is determined to marry.

Most of the family seems weird about the former employee and her lack of manners. We personally got a kick out of Maria de la Paz racing to the bathroom to spit out her caviar.

Still, at least one person seems to worry about Maria in this. Since they’re all sure he is mostly, if possibly only, interested in Maria de la Paz for her money, Virgínia “Vivi” Guedes (Paolla Oliveira) took a stand.

he made some comments about Maria de la Paz meant to shy him away from her. But Maria de la Paz overheard it and was insulted. She told off Vivi and left. But Vivi wasn’t trying to be mean.

Really, Dulce Ambición spoilers indicate she wants to save Maria de la Paz from an opportunist. So, she went to Paz’s cakes to apologize for what she said and explain herself. Tonight, we should see her warning Maria de la Paz. Of course, we don’t see her believing Vivi. She keeps getting pulled in by the wrong people.

Univision Dulce Ambicion Spoilers: Cheater, cheater

Speaking of Vivi, the whole Ricardo “Chicle” Silvino (Sérgio Guizé) thing just gets worse. It looks like he really might be interested in Vivi and Vivi is falling into his arms. Literally. After the shooting that nearly killed Kim Ventura (Monica Iozzi), Vivi and Chicle ended up in bed.

She was scared, confused, and went stupid. And Chicle seems to be head over heels. He even told her she’s the woman of his life. Vivi, of course, feels guilty for cheating on Camilo Boaventura (Lee Taylor).

Later, she confessed what she’s done to Fabiana. That was the worst mistake possible. You know Fabiana will use that to her advantage, and it will likely destroy whatever might be left between her and Camilo.

Univision Dulce Ambicion Spoilers: Sisters

And the motive? The DNA results came back, proving she and Vivi are sisters. Vivi, being the nice person she is, wanted Fabiana to have the Guedes name. Of course, Vivi’s parents aren’t for it. Vivi spoke privately with Fabiana later and promised that, should the unthinkable happen, Vivi will make sure Fabiana is taken care of as well.

Of course, Fabiana is plotting against the family with Agno Aguiar (Malvino Salvador). She’s even more determined now that they won’t give her their name and some of the money. We can’t with her, but she’s an entertaining villana.

Univision Dulce Ambicion Spoilers: The plan continues

Also, it seems Rocky did, in fact, get something out of that meeting with Agno. It seems Agno decided to take a personal interest in Rock “Rocky” Macondo (Caio Castro) while also getting back into Boxing himself. Although, we have to wait and see if that last part is legit or an excuse to be close to Rocky.

See, Adriano (Thiago Thomé), the gym owner, saw Rocky and Fabiana in what he thought was an argument. With Vivi getting riled up at the thought Fabiana was being threatened, she threw a fit and Adriano informed Rocky his free ride there is over.

During this, Agno came in and said how much he wants to get back into boxing. He then offered to pay for his membership as well as Rocky’s. Not only that, he’ll train Rocky. This should be awesome.

During a training scene, Rocky thought he’d wipe the floor with the older man. He was wrong. We can’t wait to see how badly Rocky is humiliated next time.

Univision Dulce Ambicion Spoilers: That escalated fast

Finally, let’s talk Chicle and the assassination thing. Since he failed to murder Vivi yet, his family doesn’t trust he actually can handle the job. If this murder doesn’t happen soon, extreme measures follow. Not only will someone else be sent to do the job, but Chicle will be on the kill list as well.

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