Is Tiktoker Tony Lopez Hooking Up With Underage Girl?

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Those of you who are familiar with TikTok and its stars might know Tony Lopez, an influencer who’s kind of famous for his dance moves on the platform. However what you may not know about him is that he also has a penchant for underage girls.

When one is in a position of power, especially within the entertainment industry, one often has a bevy of beautiful women throwing themselves at their feet. However, usually with legit celebrities some level of boundary is established and the fans don’t always have direct access to them. With social media stars, not so much.

Tiktok: Tony Lopez hooking up with underage girls?

In fact, with social media stars its often encouraged for fans to reach out to them and get to know them like one would any other person on social media. That can lead to problems when it comes to teens, which can lead to the kind of problems that Lopez is having now.

He has a habit of going onto girls’ social media pages and complimenting them and then direct messaging them. That wouldn’t be a problem if the girls were his own age. In fact if the girls were his own age there would be no story to tell at all. But that is not the case, he has been consistently hitting up and DMing underage girls from his social media platform.

He even went to one girl’s social media to comment on her 16th birthday party with the comment “Oh, you young.” but that sentiment didn’t exactly keep him from DMing her later and getting her on his private snap chat and DMing her all kinds of dirty things that he wanted to do with, and to her.

He also has this weird thing about fetishizing girl on girl relationships which could be attributed to just him being a 21 year old guy and having the mentality of a rabid frat boy but that still doesn’t make it okay. There are screen recordings of this guy DMing this girl and continually asking her for nudes and other things that no 15-16 year old girl should be asked for. But there Tony is, sliding into her DMs and just being a total creep.

There have been call-out TikTok posts made which Tony hides on his Twitter replies including one saying that Tony encouraged this then 15 year old girl to pull up outside of Hype House and have sex with him inside his car!

There have been calls to de-platform him and also it is speculated that this is the reason that he got kicked out of Hype House. It would make sense if he dis because the Hype House wouldn’t want any potential legal troubles with minors involved. We’ll see how this train wreck goes. Stay tuned!!!

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