TLC ’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Jess Caroline Exposes Colt Johnson’s Wiener Dilemma

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TLC ’90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After’ spoilers finds that we have been totally shipping Colt Johnson and Jess Caroline because we thought he was serious about the relationship and he seemed like he was serious back in Brazil, doing every little thing he could possibly do (except for telling Jess about Vanessa) to get on Jess’s good side so that she would eventually marry him. You know what? I’m done having that opinion.

Colt told Jess to come and see him in the United States and Jess obliged, but he has not done one thing to inform Jess of the fact that Vanessa is now living with him and Debbie in Las Vegas. He said that he wanted to tell her in person. You know what? I think this is quite possibly the most narcissistic move ever.

TLC ’90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After’ Spoilers: Seriously, Colt?!

Jess had to travel hundreds of miles and plane tickets from Brazil are not cheap. I feel that on some level, Colt got some kind of gratification out of ticking Jess off about his cheating ways and he likes it when a girl is riled up into fighting mode. He probably secretly wants two girls to duke it out over him, Mean Girls style.

During the time that they’ve been away from each other, Colt has been talking to 8 different girls, count ‘em! Eight. different. women! And according to Jess he has sent nudes and, as Auntie Yolanda would phrase it other “private pictures” to these girls, and told them that HE WAS SINGLE!!!

Um, that’s not what you do when you want to marry someone, Colt. And the thing is, these women have provided receipts for Jess, receipts for all of these 8 different women! I’m amazed that Jess even considered going home with him to talk, but I’m glad she did because it proved her right about one thing – she’s able to talk things out.

Apparently Coltee felt ganged up on, and said that he didn’t know what Jess’s motivations were for coming out to Vegas to see him when he literally invited her out to see him and she came because he asked her to. I don’t know about anyone else but can anyone else say GASLIGHT, because I sure can!

At this point, I got one word for Jess: RUN, don’t walk! Let he and Vanessa have each other, it’s pretty clear that only she knows how to handle him and Debbie. Jess does not deserve this. Ugh. As for Colt, Jess is right, he needs therapy! Stay tuned!!!

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