Telemundo Falsa Identidad Spoilers: That didn’t take long…


Telemundo Falsa identidad spoilers reveal it didn’t take Amanda (Barbie Casillas) long to annoy us. Plus, we saw some big action with Circe Gaona (Samadhi Zendejas) and saw the beginning of trouble for Don Mateo (Eduardo Yáñez) and Ramona (Azela Robinson). Let’s take a look at what happened, plus what’s ahead for tonight.

Telemundo Falsa Identidad Spoilers: Kids

First, we have to take a moment. Falsa identidad spoilers reveal this may be a record-breaking day for one character. It’s only episode two, but Isabel’s (Camila Sodi) daughter already rocked everyone’s world.

Okay, we’ll be fair. Diego Hidalgo (Luis Ernesto Franco) did it first by breaking the rules. But Amanda made things exponentially worse, just like last season. So, what’d she do?

After learning they were moving again, Amanda threw a fit. Then, she did the worst possible thing. See, thanks to Diego’s actions, Isabel and the kids will be leaving and assuming new identities again.

Instead of packing and leaving, as she should, Amanda looked up her grandfather, Mateo—the criminal. We do feel for her to some extent. Her father, Porfirio Corona (Marcus Ornellas) did die.

And despite the terrible things he did, he came around in the end. So, we can see why she might want a connection—especially since it was the same day he’d passed away. But choosing to run off alone with Mateo? Dumb as you-know-what. He’s even worse than his son was.

So, she’s got zero instincts about people and is making the same mistake as last time. Which led to horrible consequences, and will do so again. More of that in the preview. She needs some serious therapy and to be sent to her room for the next two years.

We don’t even know how she thinks a minor will get away with traveling to another country alone. Which shows she also hasn’t gotten any smarter in general over the last two years. The lack of growth is grating.

Telemundo Falsa Identidad Spoilers: Obsession

Meanwhile, Don Mateo is holding Fernanda Orozco (Sonya Smith) hostage to get information of his grandchildren’s whereabouts. At least, that’s what he said when he had her brought to the house.

However, in this episode, he showed a bit of an obsession for Fernanda that we’re sure will make Ramona jealous as all get out. That’s not a good thing for Mateo, and he really needs to watch himself.

Ramona already betrayed him once by giving Circe the heads up about his attack. We can only imagine what she’ll do if she learns he’s harboring an obsession for who she sees as the enemy.

Telemundo Falsa Identidad Spoilers: Escape

Finally, we have Circe. We loved her last season, as she was a total badass. This character is tough, smart, and massively ambitious. Of course, we think hating some of the main people might be coloring our view of her. Anyway, Circe showed how good she is.

Falsa identidad spoilers reveal she’d been arrested and paraded in front of the cameras in her bloody wedding dress. We think that was definitely crossing a line, but she got her revenge.

Eventually, she got a cop, on her side to help. He arranged a meeting with the corrupt DA to see about getting her out of this before she can be extradited anywhere. The DA eventually came through and staged an incident at the jail that seemed to genuinely scare Circe.

The look on her face during the scene was pure horror and fear, but the kidnapping was a put on. Once Circe was safe in a new location, the DA wanted the… favors she promised him.

This is where Circe turned the tables on him. She managed to get his gun and killed him before she had to hold up her end of the bargain. And she’s ready to get back at everyone. We’re so here for this.

Telemundo Falsa Identidad Spoilers: The teasers

As for tonight, Amanda goes to meet her grandfather. Isabel loves her daughter so much, she ends up making a drastic decision. We assume that means she decides to leave the Witness Protection Program. There’s really nothing else Isabel can do at this point. So, she’s going to head to the airport.

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