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Telemundo Enemigo Íntimo Spoilers: Everyone’s got a plan


Telemundo Enemigo Íntimo spoilers reveal Arturo Morillo (Erick Chapa) has a plan to get to Alejandro Ferrer (Raúl Méndez). Meanwhile, Javier Rivera (Luis Alberti) continues to plot against Don Jesús (Manuel Ojeda) without him realizing.

Plus, we returned to Las Dunas, where Alejandro learned some surprising news. Plus, Roxana Rodiles (Fernanda Castillo) continues to deal with the exposure and Karla Padilla (Yuvana Montalvo) gets busted. Let’s take a look at what happened and what’s next.


Telemundo Enemigo Íntimo Spoilers: Divide and conquer

First, Enemigo Íntimo spoilers reveal Morillo is a crafty guy. He purposefully made sure Manuel Salas (Germán Bracco) learned Alejandro had something to do with his father’s death.

This stirred some bitterness and discord between him and Carmen Govea (Irán Castillo), which is exactly what Morillo wanted. Eventually, she managed to win him over enough to help her with their current problem. To do so, he pretended to want to be as far away from her as possible.

Actually, it probably didn’t take much acting. See, he was playing spy downstairs. While everyone was outside, he and Carmen were yelling to each other from their separate rooms. He told her all about overhearing an escape plan was in the works for Roxana.

As it turns out, they might have an advantage over the bad guys. See, Manuel and Carmen both noted Alicia García (Elyfer Torres) doesn’t seem like the others there. They’re right. She learned Mil Cumbres planned to kill their hostages after, and she’s not in agreement with that. We expect her to cause them problems in the Gran Final over this.

Telemundo Enemigo Íntimo Spoilers: Schemers

Meanwhile, Javier continued to plot against his father. He and Martín Ustariz (Aitor Luna) have reached a deal to take over, but we personally don’t think he should trust Martín. This guy’s a snake, and it probably won’t take long to turn on Javier, too.

Anyway, they are playing nice for now. Enemigo Íntimo spoilers reveal Martín helped facilitate a deal and Don Jesús went to supervise a shipment coming in. They plan to ambush Don Jesús at the meet by putting people loyal to Javier in the group. Expect that final confrontation to happen tonight. And he better hope it works. More on that later.

Telemundo Enemigo Íntimo Spoilers: Alejandro’s shocked

In other news, Alejandro got a visit from Diego Lozano (Tiago Correa) Friday. He was shocked to learn Carmen and Manuel are nowhere to be found. They’re also not answering their phones. It got worse.

Later, Enemigo Íntimo spoilers reveal Alejandro got a visit from the DEA. Well, supposedly the DEA. The man’s actually working with the bad guys and showed pictures of both Carmen and Manuel.

He said Alejandro has to help make an exchange, or both his friends will die. Alejandro thinks he’s insane, because Alejandro is just a prisoner there like Roxana. However, he’s promised a chance is waiting for him. We saw him begin that plan Friday night.

He and Raúl “El Habanero” Ortega (Julio Casado) decided to help Roxana escape to save Manuel and Carmen. Habanero was reluctant, but Alejandro saw no option to save their lives. So, he promised that they both could escape when Roxana does. We couldn’t help but get a laugh out of Habanero saying he misses running from the cops.


Telemundo Enemigo Íntimo Spoilers: Goodbyes

Meanwhile, we had Roxana saying goodbye today. She shared a moment with Ana Mercedes “La Puma” Calicio (María del Carmen Félix) and Marta “La Nana” Pinzón (Guadalupe Damián) before being dragged off for her extradition.

Puma and Nana made sure Roxana knows they don’t blame her for any of this. Plus, Puma wanted her to promise they’ll meet again someday. Of course, Gladys “La Mariscala” Bernal (Amaranta Ruiz) and the rest were mocking them the whole time. And they really loved watching Roxana be led away to the US.

Telemundo Enemigo Íntimo Spoilers: Busted

Finally, Karla got busted. This plan to get rid of Don Jesús is more vital to her than ever. He found the pregnancy test in the trash and think she’s expecting his child. If they fail and he learns this kid might be his son’s? She’s toast.

Telemundo Enemigo Íntimo Spoilers: Tonight

So, what’s up tonight in the Gran Final? Enemigo Íntimo spoilers reveal Alejandro and Morillo will get their hostages ready to make the exchange. It’ll be Roxana for Carmen and Manuel. They set the meeting point, but Martín, Javi, and Héctor “El Sargento” Moreno an ace up their sleeves. That last part looks like it’s about the plan to take over los Zopilotes.

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