Telemundo Enemigo Íntimo Spoilers: Bad choices all around


Telemundo Enemigo Íntimo spoilers reveal Roxana Rodiles (Fernanda Castillo) is out of luck. We kind of thought this would happen. After all, the promo showed officials chasing her. Plus, we saw Carmen Govea (Irán Castillo) playing it close to the vest, while Alejandro Ferrer (Raúl Méndez) had a tense moment with Roberto Díaz (Arturo García Tenorio) and Martín Ustariz (Aitor Luna) plots with Arturo Morillo (Erick Chapa). Here’s what happened, plus what we can expect from tonight’s episode.

Telemundo Enemigo Íntimo Spoilers: Desperate times

First, there’s Roxana. Discovering Martín isn’t really Martín was bad enough. But when she found out he left her with nothing in that house, she called her people for help. They were supposed to meet her at a church close by the house, but she waited just a couple of minutes too long.

The military showed up and caught her. She’s now in custody and Díaz is looking to make her pay for her humiliations. An extradition to the US is also now in the works. And that’s the one thing every novela Narco is terrified of.

Telemundo Enemigo Íntimo Spoilers: Taking over

Meanwhile, Martín has no worries. He and Morillo are plotting their next moves. As in, Martín being in charge of the business. He even kidnapped Pichileiro. Using the same threats Roxana did, he demanded Pichileiro contact Don Jesús (Manuel Ojeda) to set up their deal.

And Martín will be the “right hand” that comes to settle things. For his part, Pichileiro isn’t too impressed with this idea. Actually, he thinks Martín’s lost it, since Roxana will obviously talk. The thing is, he has no choice but to comply.

Telemundo Enemigo Íntimo Spoilers: Tension at Las Dunas

In other Enemigo Íntimo spoilers, Las Dunas is a mess. Everyone’s buzzing about the big news, while Roxana’s people inside are being rounded up one by one. They even went into her secret room and took all the information she had.

This, of course, led Eladia Cornejo (Monica Jimenez) to tell off Alejandro when they were all rounded up together. He wasn’t impressed, and he claimed he just did his job. But it’s even worse between him and Díaz.

At one point, Díaz made him show where the dolls were and it led to a fight. Each one thinks the other is dirty and can’t be trusted. Alejandro, in particular, thinks Díaz is scum. Why? Because he learned Roxana escaped Las Dunas. He thinks Díaz helped. We’ll see how things work out between them.

Telemundo Enemigo Íntimo Spoilers: Trust no one

Finally, Carmen might have made a big problem. During a meeting, she played things cool. She has no idea who to trust. However, she eventually confided in one of her co-workers. Carmen admitted that she is the one who helped Alejandro inside.

Also, that she is positive Diego Lozano (Tiago Correa) is involved in the murder Alejandro is accused of. She chose wrong. The person Carmen confided in was Morillo, who, of course, works for Roxana. Well, more accurately? Martín. Martín even called him “Uncle” as they discussed future plans. We have a feeling Carmen will be in a dangerous position soon.

Telemundo Enemigo Íntimo Spoilers: Tonight

With only a few episodes left, things are getting crazy. Tonight, Enemigo Íntimo spoilers indicate a mistake. Why? Because Díaz will put Roxana in a cell where she’s at the mercy of her enemies. And it looks like he’ll do that on purpose. Not very “ethical” of him.

We guess he’s letting the humiliation of Roxana’s tenure at Las Dunas guide his actions. Plus, the promo reveals a bit of tension between Roxana and Alejandro.

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