90 Day Fiancé ‘Darcey & Stacey’ Silva Spoilers: Stacey Goes Wedding Dress Shopping… Alone!

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TLC ’90 Day Fiancé’ spoilers reveal that Darcey and Stacey do pretty much everything together. They’re twins, they get jobs together, they start fashion houses together, they go on TLC reality shows together, they’re a package deal.

Except for when it comes to picking out wedding dresses. Apparently when it comes to that, Stacey does not want her sisters’ opinion because they have two completely different tastes and this is Stacey’s wedding, not Darcey.

TLC ’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: The Stacey dress!

So she decided to include the guy she’d be marrying, Florian, in on the decision, but not her sister. Some people might think this was cruel, but… they do everything else together so her going it alone (or in this case, with her groom) for wedding dress shopping doesn’t seem like a really big deal to me.

However you could tell the moment that the dress was taken out of the garment bag that Darcey was disgusted. The dress had a sparkly bodice with long sleeves, and a poofy, ball-gown type skirt. Darcey was disgusted and horrified and said that she didn’t really envision Stacey in that kind of dress.

Stacey defended her position by saying that this was “The Stacey dress” and that she wanted it because in Albania, where Florian is from, they always have big poofy ball-gown type dresses for weddings and she thought he would want to see her in one of those.

Darcey was quick to point out that they weren’t having the wedding in Albania and in the confessional she hadn’t envisioned Stacey in something like this for a connecticut wedding, or a beach wedding. Not everyone wants to imitate the whole Jacqueline Bisset Kennedy look, Darcey!

Stacey assured her that it was a couture dress, which is clear to see. Obviously it was done by an Albanian designer, not one in the United States. Darcey said that the dress didn’t fit their frames, and while yes, I do agree somewhat, it’s still Stacey’s wedding.

If she wanted to show up at the affair wearing black leather motorcycle Mama get-up reminiscent of Cher’s “turn back time” video then she very well could. But instead she’s decided to embrace the barbie look, and that’s perfectly okay.

She said that the dress was perfectly fitted to her body but when she said that you could see Darcey cringe. Honestly, it’s Stacey’s wedding, Darcey, let her have it. Besides, give it a decade or so, there’s always your daughters, Darcey. They’ll certainly want Mom’s input. Stay tuned!!!

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