Youtube: Cancelled by proxy – Don’t collab with Tana Mongeau

Recently, Gregg Sulkin formerly of Wizards of Waverly Place and Cameron Fuller returned to youtube after a couple of years long absence. They just recently started making videos again so they were kind of out of the loop as far as what’s been going on in the realm of youtube.

So that means that they had no idea the level of backlash they would receive when doing what seemed to be a simple collab with fellow youtube influencer Tana Mongeau. Oh boy. Poor guys.

Youtube: Cancelled by proxy – Don’t collab with Tana Mongeau

As we all know Tana’s name is literal mud right now for several reasons the fact that she has yet to address her racial micro-aggressions toward literally everyone with brown skin or the fact that she has gone out and partied literally every day during a worldwide pandemic and has been spotted doing so without a mask and not bothering to keep six feet away from anyone in question, and even posting a video on her IG live saying that she didn’t care!

Later she said that that video had nothing to do with the pandemic and everything to do with some unrelated drama that she and a friend were involved in but the collective reaction to that one was “Sure, Jan.”

So poor Cameron and Gregg got the shock of their lives when their comment section was literally flooded with hate. Everyone and their brother was appalled and disgusted that rhey would give Tana a platform after she has basically refused to address all of her issues and all of the things that people are angry with her about.

These guys got so much hate that not only did they shut down comments but they ended up taking down the entire video! That’s how much they didn’t want to be involved with the mess surrounding Tana.

But that begs the question, speaking of micro-aggressions, did Tana purposefully make use of their non knowledge for clout purposes? Sounds like something she would do.

I mean so far she has thrown people under the bus for something as pointless as the color of their skin so I could totally see her taking advantage of someone who was out of the loop in order to get more clout. Although, honestly what does her clout even mean anymore?

According to Cameron and Gregg’s youtube comments it means you’re cancelled because unlike a decade ago it’s not okay to go around tossing in n-word around and making your friends who happen to be people of color look bad in order to expand your brand. Here’s hoping Cameron and Gregg recover, when we know better, we do better. Stay tuned!!!

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