The Proof Is In the Pudding For Youtuber Tana Mongeau

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Tana Mongeau has been filming her alleged apology video for 2 months. She has been called out by multiple people, Kahlen Barry was just the beginning.

There have been other youtubers that have called her out S well as numerous fans and each time she says “I 100% Agree with you” and parrots an answer back at them that sounds pleasing but it also sounds very, very sci2rpted and not like Tana at all. In fact, to me they sound like something that her manager Jordan might write just to get people off of Tana’s back. It’s called damage control, and we get it.

Youtube: The proof is in the pudding, Tana!

Most recently she uploaded an IG Live with a friend of hers stating that “We don’t care!” Which she later claims was shade at all the headlines that they’ve been in lately, but they wouldn’t be in any headlines if they would just practice social distancing and stay home.

Yeah let’s touch on that foe a moment, Tana has partied every night since June. She has said that she’s going to sit down and make apology videos but that would require staying home and actually focusing on the issue at hand which, I honestly don’t think Tana is capable of.

I think she’s not sorry at all and these responses where ahe just wants to learn and grow from her experiences are the same exact scripted kind of responses that you get from a customer service support line, except at least when a customer support agent tells you that you know it has a modicum of sincerity because their bottom line is at stake.

At this point, Jeffree Star has done more addressing of his situation and that’s saying something! The only time she said she was going to “get serious” about things was a couple of weeks ago when someone called her out for posting so much about going out.

Even then, she didn’t say she was going to stop going out, she said that she was going to stop posting about going out but has been seen at numerous parties at Hype House and the like so it’s clear that she doesn’t have any plans to quarantine anytime soon!

As fir addressing her racist past, I think everybody needs to just give up at this point, not excuse Tana for what she has done, but just recognize her for who she is, an uneducated, entitled zoomer who can’t admit that she was wrong because she simply doesn’t have the intellectual capacity to. Because that’s how I’ve chosen to look at it. Stay tuned.

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