TLC ‘sMothered’ Spoilers: Will There Be Another Season?

TLC ‘sMothered’ spoilers finds that that viewers are curious if we will see these mother-daughter pairs again. Will there be a third season of the show? We have really fallen in love with these train wreck relationships.

What would our quarantine have been like without watching mothers and daughters showering together, getting waxed together, and even get colon cleanses together? Things just wouldn’t be right in life without these moments and fans of sMothered want even more!

TLC ‘sMothered’ Spoilers: What About Season Three?

TLC just released a Pillow Talk spin off of sMothered and it was a hit with fans of the show. There were some fans that didn’t like the idea, but it was nice to see the cast members talking about the moments in their lives that are cringe-worthy. With the Pillow Talk spin off happening, this had made fans ask if there will be a new season.

TLC ‘sMothered’ Spoilers: Will There Be Another Season?

For those who didn’t like the show, they felt that it made them so uncomfortable and weird. Some think that the relationship with Mary and Brittani is bordering on incestuous and some think that because of her exposure to her mother, this could have made Brittani see women as sexual objects and that goes into a different realm of weirdness.

Another relationship that seemed to be bordering on incestuous was between Marcia and Alena. Marcia wants Alena to be young forever and treats her a lot like a child. She gives her puppy kisses, or licks, every morning to wake her up. It gets very weird between these two and that alone makes some viewers never want to see this show again.

sMothered actually aired at the right time for TLC. Quarantine watching has gone up and this helped the series to become even more popular in the ratings. The show is right behind the 90 Day Fiance franchise. This could be solid proof that fans do want another season of sMothered. What would we do without it?!

Twitter followers posted all about it too. One wrote, “Personally, I don’t want a season three.” Another wrote, “Enough now with a woman that bathes with her adult daughter.”

Even though people say that they will never watch it again, there are some that are hopeful to see if sMothered comes back again. If the show does come back, it looks like it would air sometime in June or July of 2021. Keep up with the cast members on social media, they post pretty regularly on Instagram.

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