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TLC ‘sMothered’ Spoilers: Spotlight on Cher and Dawn

TLC ‘sMothered’ spoilers finds that if you have been watching TLC’s sMothered, you know that Dawn and Cher are a very close mother-daughter pair. They are so close that when Cher got pregnant, Dawn made sure to tell her that she wanted her to have her child the same way that she did…all natural.

At first, Cher’s plan was to have drugs for pain if she needed them, but suddenly changed her mind. It seemed really weird to Cher’s husband, Jared, but he wants to do whatever Cher does, so he supports her decision. Cher and Dawn recently spoke out to fans about the birth and their thoughts on it.

TLC ‘sMothered’ Spoilers: Did Cher Really Change Her Mind?

When we watched the episode where Cher told Jared that she had changed her mind about having a natural birth, Jared knew that Dawn had something to do with it. Being a doctor himself, he knows how Cher feels about pain and was with her when she made her first choice about the birth.

He was thrown off when she changed her mind and decided on not using drugs to deal with the pain. Jared was right all along and Cher did have an epidural to deal with the pain. Dawn did try her best to convince her to do it all naturally and was asked to leave the room because of her actions. Recently, the women opened up to fans about the birth.

TLC ‘sMothered’ Spoilers: Spotlight on Cher and Dawn

Cher told fans, “I did want to have a natural birth. I am vegan and a big animal advocate. I always felt that if animals in the wild can do it, then I can do it too! I told Jared that if my contractions go really bad, just remind me that animals in the wild do this all the time. I also saw the documentary ‘The Business of Being Born’, and was convinced I wanted to have a natural birth after seeing that. My mom wanted me to have a natural birth because she was so worried that if I got the epidural, it would slow down my contractions. She encouraged me to have a natural birth but respected that in the end, it would be my decision. She was very supportive and I am so glad I was able to have my mom and husband by my side through this amazing experience.”

When Cher and Jared were ready to bring Belle May home, Dawn made sure that she was at their home to help take care of her. Dawn was really wearing out her welcome and Jared told Cher that they needed space and time with the baby and they asked her to leave.

“When Cher and Jared asked me to leave, I immediately felt like I did something wrong. As a mom, and now Mimi, all I wanted to do was help as much as I could. I know how hard being a new mom is and I wanted to be there for them through it all. Many first-time parents hire baby nurses in order to make the transition easier. Instead of hiring a baby nurse, I told them that I would be there to help. Whey they asked me to leave, I was unsure why. I was there trying to make their life easier. Looking back, I do understand why they wanted that special time together to grow as a family, just the three of them. Although they asked me to leave, they later asked me to return to help out, as soon as Jared’s paternity leave was over.”

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