TLC ’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Why so tight-lipped, Biniyam Shibre?

TLC ’90 Day Fiancé’ spoilers suggest that so after the hospital was deemed a safe place for Ariela to give birth, Janice decided to do what she does best and start grilling Biniyam. This was quite the eye-opening experience. She wanted to know what happened with his ex-wife and why his ex is in the states raising their baby and Biniyam is still in Ethiopia.

Biniyam had a somewhat cagey explanation for that, he said that his wife found on his phone where he had been conversing with an old friend and, from how Biniyam phrased it, she misinterpreted things and thought he was having an affair. He apologized and said that there was nothing between them but apparently his wife left anyway.

TLC ’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Why so tight-lipped, Biniyam?

Janice brings up a good question though, why apologize for something you claim you didn’t do? Okay, sure, we’ll give him a little bit of leeway considering the language barrier because Ariela did say that when you converse with Biniyam in English you need an infinite amount of patience.

Say that he actually didn’t do anything, what was he apologizing for? Hurting his wife’s feelings by conversing with an old friend on social media? Okay, I mean, that could work but honestly a little context couldn’t hurt here, Biniyam.

The thing that concerned Janice the most though was that Biniyam seemed to not even know why his ex left and went back to the states. He said “That is the reason.” but really, is it? Did Biniyam misinterpret what his wife said for them having an open relationship?

Did they have a fight previously? Honestly at this point I would like to know what his ex-wife would say about him and I wouldn’t put it past Janice to do some digging to find that out in order to give Ariela the real version of events before she decides to fully make a commitment and settle down with Biniyam.

I mean, yeah that sounds like a weird and controlling way of doing things but if Biniyam’s affections are in the least bit fleeting, then Ariela does have the right to know. And the way he simply glossed over everything, it seems like he could be hiding something. But that’s just speculation, next week is when we get to see Biniyam dance with his ex-girlfriend in a pretty provocative way on-stage. Is there anything there? Stay tuned!!!

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