TLC ’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Colt Johnson Sticks Foot In Mouth, Implies He’s Only Dating Jess Caroline To Make Larissa Dos Santos Jealous

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TLC ’90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After’ spoilers is asking was Colt Johnson actually serious? Did he imply that the only reason he was with Jess was so that he could have another Brazillian to rub in Larissa’s face? In front of her family, no less? That was a really awful thing to do.

But no, as it turns out it was just a misread. He actually told her Dad that he wanted a family with Jess Caroline and that he wanted to marry her. That was a nice save and it looks like her family really respected him after he said that – great! But did he just talk himself into a situation that he possibly can’t get out of?

Looks like after that the entire family wanted to gather him into the living room and have them get married right there. I’m an old-fashioned girl but even I would be making a body-sized hole in the wall if someone’s family just descended on me like that at dinner.

TLC ’90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After’ Spoilers: Nice save, Colt!

It’s one thing to ask the Dad’s permission to marry his daughter out if some sort of cultural respect, but it’s entirely another to have them just expect you to stand by that declaration without asking the daughter first! That is scary! He just met these people, he has every right to nope way the hell out of that situation.

I guess that’s where good ol’ Deb Downer comes in because she pointed out that they were moving way too fast and shouldn’t be talking about marriage and babies at 6 months, which honestly, I can see that but I am a way more cautious person when jumping into things.

Jess jumped in and said not to compare her to Larissa, that she really loved Colt and not just for a green card. But apparently the way Jess came across was a bit too aggressive for Deb’s liking and did the exact opposite of what she was trying to do – reminded Deb of Larissa.

I think Deb is just very burned by Larissa and anything besides a complete 180 from Larissa, meaning a non-brazillian, much meeker person, would still bring back memories of her simply because she is in the same culture and sometimes the same culture can breed similar mannerisms, whether or not Jess means it that way or not.

Either way at the end of the night, Mom lost to Jess because Colt said that the night was not about Deb and that if she wanted she could leave, but that he intended on spending as much time with Jess and her family as possible. I’m honestly kind of amazed he didn’t end up proposing. Will he? Stay tuned!!!

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