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Telemundo Enemigo Intimo Spoilers: Plans and takeovers


Telemundo Enemigo íntimo spoilers reveal Javier Rivera (Luis Alberti) is putting his coup into place. But it might not go the way he planned. Meanwhile, Manuel Salas (Germán Bracco) kept busy while Alicia García (Elyfer Torres) prepared to help Roxana Rodiles (Fernanda Castillo).

We also saw Pastor Germán Soto (Ricardo Reynaud) and Alejandro Ferrer (Raúl Méndez) making their own preparations. Here’s what you need to know, plus a preview of what’s ahead Friday.


Telemundo Enemigo Intimo Spoilers: The coup continues

Starting off, there’s Javier. He’s determined to take Don Jesús (Manuel Ojeda) out of the business. One, because Don Jesús frankly sucks at it. He’s too worried about partying to pay attention to the little things, unlike Javier.

Two, he’s making Karla Padilla (Yuvanna Montalvo) miserable, and Javier loves her. So, he wants to free her of his control. Javier even seems to have at least one of Don Jesús’ men on his side. However, it might not be so easy.

As much as Don Jesús is distracted by women, he apparently is very attentive of his son. He happened to see Javier and his employee talking outside, as well as shaking hands. From the expression on his face, it seems he has suspicions about Javier that might ruin this takeover. We’re hoping not. We want to see Don Jesús lose big.

Telemundo Enemigo Intimo Spoilers: Preparations

Meanwhile, Enemigo íntimo spoilers reveal the pastor and Alejandro are busy making preparations. The pastor is preparing a visit to Las Dunas that involves others. He spent a lot of time making phone calls until he found people willing to come along.

Meanwhile, Alejandro took proactive measures against a guard that was about to help los zopilotes get at him and Raúl “El Habanero” Ortega (Julio Casado). Now, they have him under their control, so we’ll have to wait and see how Alejandro plans to go forward. How’d he do it?

Manuel snuck in the guy’s house and got pics/video of his family, so you know what the implication was… not that we expect Alejandro to actually follow through on hurting innocents.

Elsewhere, Alicia took her first step toward helping by visiting one of Roxana’s men. Her presence apparently worked wonders, because the guy woke up after being seriously injured during that ill-fated operation before.

This was a much-needed boost to the other girls’ spirits—not to mention the rest of Roxana’s organization. Later, Alicia studied a sketch of Don Jesús before making her first visit to one of the places they plan to check for their target. She is a bit out of place there, but she’s committed to the plan.

Telemundo Enemigo Intimo Spoilers: Suspicions

However, things might be more complicate than Roxana imagined. Ángel Cordero (Jean Paul Leroux) has learned the pastor has people coming into Las Dunas. He shared that information with Roxana, who wanted this stopped right away.

However, Enemigo íntimo spoilers reveal he saw that as a terrible idea. He warned her denying the people the pastor invited would look strange, raising more questions than Roxana wants. It’s better to let this happen.

Telemundo Enemigo Intimo Spoilers: Friday

Because of political coverage, there will not be an episode tonight. But it will be back Friday. When the show returns, the pastor discovers a document that is apparently damning. It will lead him to draw conclusions about shady business at Las Dunas.

However, he will have to work to obtain proof before he can do anything with the information. Meanwhile, it looks like the news of a visit is getting to Roxana. Teasers say she’ll fear the worst Friday night.

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