Telemundo Enemigo Intimo Spoilers: Things get complicated…

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Telemundo Enemigo íntimo spoilers indicate Roxana Rodiles (Fernanda Castillo) might have another threat to look out for. Plus, there’s some great news for Alicia García (Elyfer Torres). Plus, Roxana takes zero excuses. Here’s what you need to know. Plus, we have the preview of tonight’s episode.

Telemundo Enemigo Intimo Spoilers: Good news

First, we’ve got great news for Alicia. Roxana put Elisa Torres (Claudette Maillé) on her case to see what she can do. Apparently, this lady is a bit of a miracle worker. It seems there were issues with Alicia’s case, so she’s very likely to get released soon. At least, for a little while. This will give her the opportunity to see her dying mother, and it should eventually lead to some insight on how Alicia ended up at Las Dunas to begin with. She seems too nice and shy a person to be robbing people, and she hasn’t show any indication she was on drugs or anything else.

Besides that, Ana Mercedes “La Puma” Calicio (María del Carmen Félix) approached her to clear the air. We love seeing this more vulnerable, human side to Puma. Plus, her apology will make things a lot better for the group will Alicia is still there, plus when/if she goes back.

Telemundo Enemigo Intimo Spoilers: More problems

However, Roxana needs to watch her back. Enemigo íntimo spoilers indicate Pastor Germán Soto (Ricardo Reynaud) hasn’t said a word about the guitar strings yet. However, he did want to see this Roxana himself. So, he stopped by Las Dunas and visited the block Roxana lives in. So far, we think Roxana and Ángel Cordero (Jean Paul Leroux) did a good job of explaining away how her area looks nicer, as well as why Roxana would have turned herself in to begin with. Still, he also spoke with Alejandro about the weapons he procured and all. We think he’ll be one for her to be wary of, because we see him digging until something either proves or disproves everything he’s been told about Roxana and Alejandro’s situation.

Telemundo Enemigo Intimo Spoilers: The plan

Speaking of which, his involvement comes at a terrible time. After her people walked right into an ambush, Roxana decided now is the time for her temporary leave from Las Dunas. She went over several plans Ángel came up with, and she made it clear one of them better work. Fast.

Telemundo Enemigo Intimo Spoilers: Tonight

Looking ahead, Enemigo íntimo spoilers reveal an electrical failure makes a perfect excuse for a team to enter Las Dunas to work on it. Of course, Roxana will be hidden among the people working.

Rosendo is the guide and accomplice for the operation. We’re looking forward to seeing if Roxana actually pulls this off, and whether or not this will be a last straw situation. He is being asked a lot, and it keeps getting more complicated.

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