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Telemundo Enemigo Intimo Spoilers: From bad to worse


Telemundo Enemigo íntimo spoilers reveal Alejandro Ferrer (Raúl Méndez) just dealt a serious blow to Roxana Rodiles (Fernanda Castillo) during the commission visit. Of course, this also had an added unexpected consequence for his sister. Meanwhile, we saw Lidia Gutierrez (Sachi Tamashiro) get horrible news. Plus, we saw Javier Rivera (Luis Alberti) get in a bit of trouble over his plan.


Telemundo Enemigo Intimo Spoilers: Plan’s a go

First, Alejandro had a plan to create some massive unrest inside Las Dunas. It clearly seemed designed to make Ángel Cordero (Jean Paul Leroux) look bad during the commission visit. It worked. After he and his men confronted Los Zopilotes, a full-on riot was on the staff’s hands.

This spilled over into the women’s area, where Roxana and her people had to deal with Gladys “La Mariscala” Bernal (Amaranta Ruiz) and her team taking their chance to deal a harsh blow to Roxana. This whole thing worked well.

We have to give Cordero some props. Enemigo íntimo spoilers indicate he did the best he could with a rapidly deteriorating situation. He managed to get all the visitors with him to the safety of his office, plus the staff, with added support sent in, managed to get the uprising under control.

However, this didn’t impress at least one of the visitors. He was on the phone almost the second they got into Cordero’s office going on about the horrors he witnessed and how this is just not acceptable. We have a feeling Cordero will be fired. Fast. Unless Roxana can use her connections.

Telemundo Enemigo Intimo Spoilers: Unintended consequences

There may be a problem with that, though. As of now, Las Dunas is under the control of other government forces. That means that, even if Cordero somehow keeps his job, things will be problematic for a while. Roxana sure won’t be throwing her weight around as much and getting secret visitors. But there’s something else that’s worse for her.

As we saw from the other episodes, there’s one thing Roxana can’t deal well with—losing people. She took the death of her men at the hands of Los Zopilotes badly. Roxana takes these losses personally, and seems to feel genuine pain and guilt over them.

Thanks to this riot and Mariscala using it to her advantage, Roxana lost another person—Rosalba “Chacala” Juárez (Claudia Frías). She actually put herself in harm’s way to make sure Roxana and the rest got away from their attackers. So we see this taking a minute for her to process and figure out what’s next.

Telemundo Enemigo Intimo Spoilers: Bad news

Meanwhile, Pastor Germán Soto (Ricardo Reynaud) is definitely gone. Lidia got the news in the aftermath of that ill-fated visit. She lost it. Sadly, we see her carrying a lot of guilt along with her pain since she’s been hiding things from Pastor Soto.

Including a fling with Martín Ustariz (Aitor Luna). We expect everything to eventually come to light. When it does, her reaction should be something to look out for. Thanks to him manipulating his way into her home and prison work, Pastor Soto’s gone. And she’s unwittingly helping traffic drugs.

We feel this is even more likely to come out because Martín is now a prisoner of los Zopilotes. While Don Jesús (Manuel Ojeda) doesn’t like how Javier Rivera (Luis Alberti) acted out of turn.

But if he gets info on Roxana and Mil Cumbres, he might just make sure it comes out to make her life more miserable than it already is. That could, in theory, get Javier off the hook.

Telemundo Enemigo Intimo Spoilers: Tonight

Looking ahead, Enemigo íntimo spoilers reveal things just got worse for Roxana. Los Zopilotes have Martin trapped and are ready to do whatever is needed to get information out of him. This kidnapping will leave Roxana unsure of what to do to rescue Martín, but she’ll turn to Alicia García (Elyfer Torres) to figure things out.

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