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NBC ‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Tom Cruise Tested For the Role of Bo Brady On DOOL!

NBC ‘Days of Our Lives’ (DOOL) spoilers suggest that Kristian Alfonso revealed an interesting little factoid. She said that years before she had landed the role of Hope Williams Brady, that Tom Cruise revealed to one of their stage managers on a plane that at one time he had tested for the role of Bo Brady himself!

Isn’t that wild? Instead of our beloved police detective Bo Brady (Peter Reckell) we would’ve had, well, Top Gun. Let’s pause to think about how that would have turned out differently for everyone involved, shall we?

NBC ‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Tom Cruise read for Days of Our Lives?

First off, the role would have been handled totally different from the way Peter Reckell handled Bo. Now, from what I’ve seen of Cruise’s performances he does pull off ‘brash bad boy’ pretty well, but he does it in a totally different way than what Reckell does.


With Reckell there was always an air of softness and vulnerability with that bad boy ‘tude, and while I’m sure Tom Cruise is capable of it, I just can’t see him playing Bo in a way that would have made the character as iconic as Reckell did. But perhaps Cruise’s version of Bo Brady would have danced around in his underwear and jumped up and down on the couch a lot more, who knows?

However, I’m biased. I grew up with Bo and Hope and no one besides maybe Robert Kelker Kelly is a decent replacement for him in my eyes. (I liked Kelly’s version of Bo, what can I say?) That being said, no one has seen the screen test so we can’t say what kind of Bo he would have made for sure, but we do know one thing – he didn’t get the part.

Did Alfonso herself ever get any time with the Hollywood A-Lister? No, she says, because she never actually screen-tested with anyone who ever played Bo, Reckell included so their amazing on-screen chemistry was just happenstance, and an amazing happenstance it was.

I will miss Hope Williams Brady, on Days of Our Lives, because watching the show was always part of my Grandmother’s daily routine, and when I was a kid before I went to school, and sometimes even after I was in school and home sick, it became part of my daily routine too.

In the summertime I would sit and watch with my family because that’s just what we did, we didn’t have cable and PBS didn’t have an entire kids cartoon line-up yet, so I watched, with parental guidance, what everyone else did. Either way, this interview was and interesting look into what might have been, as far as DOOL history goes. Stay tuned!!!

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