Glee Star Naya Rivera missing and presumed dead! 

Naya Rivera who was one of the main stars of Glee back in the day, has gone missing after a boating trip she took with her four year old son, Josey, yesterday. Her son says that his Mom dived off the edge of the boat but did not come back up, Josey was found by authorities in a life jacket on the boat, safe but asleep and obviously missing his Mom. It appears that Rivera was not wearing a life vest because there was an adult-sized one found on the boat.

Yesterday, there were search and rescue efforts attempted but after it got so dark the authorities halted the search because of low visibility. This outraged a lot of fans because one tweeted, “All this budget and you can’t use the proper equipment to search for somebody at night?” they have a point, but to be fair authorities later did say that this lake only has 5-9 inches of visibility at best and there are trees and other debris on the bottom. Still, another fan, rightly outraged, asked “Do they expect her to be able to hang onto a piece of driftwood in her current state?”

Glee Star Naya Rivera missing and presumed dead! 

Still, other fans are holding out hope that Naya may just be missing, just kidnapped by some unscrupulous people. There is some evidence to that theory as well. Apparently her truck was parked in the parking lot of the marina at a crazy angle, almost if she were in a rush, and she had left her phone and wallet in the truck. How did she rent a pontoon boat without a wallet is the question that was floating around and it’s a very good question. No one rents anything without money or at the very least ID because I think (and don’t quote me on this) you have to be able to prove that you are over a certain age in order to be able to rent any sort of motor vehicle.

There is also the fact that her son was found safe and with a life vest and that she was nowhere to be found. There was also a random boater that said he saw her out and while he was questioned by authorities, it wasn’t thoroughly enough for some fans’ liking. They want to know just how on earth this random person was connected to her and if they may have been connected to her disappearance in any way. Most fans think that there is no reason that Naya would have gone missing willingly because she loves her son so much, in fact the last picture she posted was of her kissing Josey with the caption ‘just the two of us’.

Currently, as it stands, authorities have switched the mission from rescue to recovery. Josey is safe with family. Our hearts go out to all of her friend and family and hope that if at all possible, Naya can come back home and be with her little boy again. We at DSD will keep you updated.

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