TLC sMothered Spoilers: Nothing Like Couple’s Colon Therapy, The Mary & Brittani Story

TLC sMothered Spoilers: Mary and Brittani Do It All Together

TLC sMothered spoilers finds that if you have been watching the show you have seen some very interesting behaviors from these mother-daughter pairs, but wait….there’s more. This show pushes the limits of what mothers and daughters actually do together. From showering together to colon cleanses, we have now seen it all…Or have we?

TLC sMothered Spoilers: Mary and Brittani Do It All Together

Mary and her daughter Brittani are very close. These women shower together, even though Brittani is 20 years old and working on becoming a police officer. She still lets her mom scrub her back! Yikes! This wasn’t the other part that really freaked out viewers. The mother-daughter team decided that it was time to lose some weight and go get some colon therapy. The fan reactions to this scene were priceless!

TLC sMothered Spoilers: Nothing Like Couple’s Colon Therapy

Fans of the show took to social media to explain just how they were feeling about the colon cleansing scene. “This mom is helping her daughter get a tube in her a** for a colonic. WHY?!?” Another fan wrote, “That’s why Brittani gets panic attacks.” One fan wrote, “I don’t know what I’m more bothered by-them doing a colon cleanse together, her sweat stains, talking about FWB, or that the mom inserted the colonic tip and commented on her daughters butthole. These two are nuts!!!”

One fan had a lot of people talking with her comment. On Twitter, she wrote, “If Mary is showering and washing Brittani’s body, it would suggest some sort of incestuous relationship that they’ve been doing since Brittani was a child.”

TLC sMothered Spoilers: Alena and Marcia and Enzyme Treatments

On sMothered, we got to see Alena and Marcia again too. Alena was adopted by Marcia from Siberia and was born with an enzyme disorder. She has to get treatments once a week by her nurse, Pearl. Pearl has been giving her these treatments since she was a kid. Alena said that Pearl is like one of the family and she counts on her a lot. Pearl told the cameras that the relationship that Alena and Marcia have is like no other. She said that they depend on each other for everything. She seemed to get a little sad when she thought about what they would do without the other.

Alena recently had surgery on her throat and is fearful that her singing voice won’t come back at all. The doctors said that right now they are not sure if she will get it back 100%. Hearing this crushed Alena because all she wants to do in life is to be a famous singer. We hope she can get her voice back, so she can follow this dream. If you want to see more of these close relationships, tune into sMothered on TLC.

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