The ‘World’s Smallest Woman’ Jyoti Amge Goes Bowling!

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TLC ‘World’s Smallest Woman’ spoilers finds that little Jyoti Amge (okay she’s 26, she’s not so little, forgive me) recently took a night out on the town with her sister to go bowling, no big deal, right? Actually it is a big deal because Jyoti is originally from India, and in her culture girls are not allowed to go out at night by themselves or without their parents. It’s considered a sign of disrespect against their elders. Jyohti confesses that she doesn’t like it, she likes US culture more.

During this particular outing which involved Jyoti, her sister, and Jyohti’s manager, he joked with her about choosing some bowling shoes and the employee brought some forward but Jyohti quickly vetoed those. “No like.” she said. Johti, it would seem, can only speak a few words of english. During all of her confessional she speaks her native language of Hindi. Don’t worry, I can identify Jyoti, my language window shut early too. If you really listen to her native language however, he way it rolls off her tongue is really, really beautiful and even when she does speak english she doesn’t tend to have that much of an accent.

TLC ‘World’s Smallest Woman’ Spoilers: Jyohti goes bowling!

Poor Jyoti however couldn’t manage the bowling ball, even though it was one of the lightest ones, so she had to have a little bit of help on that. They brought what looked to be some sort of ramp apparatus and let Jyohti roll the ball down it to give her some momentum. Her manager meanly told her, “You’re going to lose anyway.” but Jyoti said “No lose!” and maybe it wasn’t a total strike, but I think knocking down 8-9 pins the first time one goes bowling is pretty good for one who has a significant height disadvantage. Even to someone who doesn’t, bowling balls are heavy, come on people! We all know this, so, Mr. Manager Sir, give our girl Jyohti a break.

One of the sweetest things about this outing was hearing Jyohti laugh. Yes, it was a child-like laugh but something about it was just so enchanting, so joyful! It was so good to hear her out and enjoying herself like any American girl would. Here’s to a lot more fun in the US for Jyoti. Stay tuned!

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