Glee Star Lea Michelle Deletes Twitter Account

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In the wake of Naya Rivera’s disappearance, Lea Michelle, the former Glee co-star, has deleted her twitter account. Now, as problematic as Lea Michelle has been in the past, due to her making people’s lives hell on the set, one of the things about twitter that is alarming is how quickly people are to attack like a pack of wild dogs over issues that are completely unrelated. Case in point, Naya’s disappearance was not caused by the fact that Lea Michelle was problematic in her past. This isn’t the first time that Lea Michelle has faced opposition on twitter, when she attempted to speak out about BLM and the George Floyd murder a few months back, that’s when she started facing backlash.

Her former castmates on Glee, a lot of which were POC, really nailed her to the wall about making their lives hell on-set a decade ago. They were saying that her sympathy for George Floyd was too little, too late especially considering how she treated them on the set personally. One even tweeted, “You wouldn’t let me sit at that table with the other cast members because ‘I didn’t belong there’. F*** you, Lea.” okay, that’s a valid criticism. Her other former co-starts went on to not defend Lea’s past actions, but Amber Riley did say that she wasn’t here for it, and she wasn’t talking about it, and that she hoped Lea had an amazing pregnancy and that she hoped she has grown, which… is about the nicest thing you could say, considering some of the tales we’ve heard.

Lea Michelle deletes twitter account

Apparently however, since Naya Rivera went missing Lea Michelle has been getting a ton of hate. Maybe it was because Naya was a POC and people think that Lea Michelle mistreated her on-set as well. The thing is though, from all accounts we have heard, she and Naya were friends. To my knowledge, Naya herself did not join in on the hate brigade directed at Lea, and while yes, there could have definitely been some things that went down on-set between them, if there was, Naya really didn’t make a peep about it. So why would people have a go at Lea Michelle for her going missing when she literally has nothing to do with it?

Has she been problematic in the past? Yes. Does she need to learn and grow from those mistakes? Most definitely. But does she need to be dragged on Twitter for a tragic accident that happened while she was nowhere near Naya? No. She is also suffering not only the loss of her friend Naya, but also the anniversary of the death of Cory Monteith has just come up and considering they were a couple at the time of his death and probably still would have been together if he had been alive, that could be another reason she has deactivated twitter. She’s still on instagram however, but we do not advocate sending hate to her. No one deserves to be bullied, people deserve the chance to be able to grow and change, also Lea is pregnant, she has more than just herself to think about right now, so if anything, let’s just lay off.

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