Fallout TV Series Coming to Amazon Prime From the Creators of ‘Westworld’ – What You Need To Know!

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If you’re a big fan of the Fallout game franchise then you will be pleased to know that Westworld creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy are in talks with Amazon to produce a TV series based on the game! According to sources, this series has received substantial commitment from Amazon and is something that the fans have been champing at the bit for for a long time. Unfortunately there is no release date because as we all know, COVID-19 is keeping everything shut down right now. However the creators were kind enough to share what fans can expect form the new series when it airs.

It looks like the series’ infamous harsh wasteland will be highlighted against the previous generation’s misguided attempt at bettering life through nuclear energy. They also hope to incorporate some of the ironic humor and some classic old b-movie nuclear fantasies into the new series. It looks like Bethesda studios and the masterminds behind Fallout will be behind these games as well, which means they will at least be somewhat true to the source material. That’s a stickler for some really die-hard fans because as we all know, somethimes things get lost between adaptations.

Fallout TV series coming to Amazon!

Fans will probably feel better once more details are released, right now we don’t have a release date, a cast list, or even a hint at a storyline. (Beyond that it’s going to include the classic nuclear wasteland settings of Fallout). From what we can see of the Trailer, it is an old television set that seems to have a shot of a car with hits headlights on sitting under what I can imagine to be a streetlamp, even though there is no power to the invisible lamp.

Then we get a message on the old television box saying “please stand by”. Tis game must be set in a bygone era because if we got that message on any sort of device today it would be grounds for technology meltdown mode… of which I am extremely guilty. While fans do have their doubts, most are pretty hyped about this release, I think after this whole COVID-19 scare ends, we’ll be ready to escape into the world of Fallout, right? Stay tuned!

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