WE tv Mama June, Family Crisis: From Not to Hot, June Shannon Says Yes to Rehab Then Changes Her Mind

WE tv Mama June From Hot to Not:Family Crisis spoilers finds that Mama June Shannon seemed to have her wits about her. She finally reached out to her daughters and they were so close to having her say that she would leave her boyfriend and go to rehab. She was ready to go off to Los Angeles to go to the rehab center and things went bad when the cameras and production team showed up at her house. Mama June did not want to leave the house and when they all showed up to take her to rehab, she started throwing rocks at the cars and the production team.

WE tv Mama June, Family Crisis: From Not to Hot – Family Crisis; Her Family Chases Her Down

This season of the show has shown Mama June’s family chasing her down all over the South! After June and her boyfriend, Geno Doak got busted for a lot of drugs, June pretty much hauled tail and ran from her family. On the last episode of the show, a video was taken of Geno driving into their garage door because he was drunk. The video shows June in a nightie and Geno so drunk that he couldn’t even stand up. Clearly, June and Geno have had a rough time trying to keep their life together.

WE tv Mama June, Family Crisis: From Not to Hot – Family Crisis – June Shannon Says Yes to Rehab Then Changes Her Mind

June’s daughters, Alana Shannon and Pumpkin Efird Shannon found out what happened from television and were so upset about the whole thing. The family decided to all get together and try to help June get through this. It was tough to get to her, but when she saw Alanna, she got very upset and started to think about everything that she had done wrong.

Pumpkin said, “I’ve seen Mama in some pretty bad places but she’s worse than I’ve ever seen her.” When the girls all got back to Georgia, Alanna was worried about going back to school and she was afraid that she would get bullied because of the drama happening with June. When they were all having a nice dinner together, Pumpkin got a call that she had to take. On this call, it was one of the producers of the show. He told her that June said she would go to rehab. They said they would pick up and drive her to the airport so she could got to rehab in Los Angeles. She told everyone the great news! The family knows that June didn’t get in the car to go to rehab and who knows what will happen next. Stay tuned for From Not to Hot: Family Crisis on the We Tv channel to see what happens next.

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