We Tv Mama June, Family Crisis Spoilers: Is the Show Being Faked? What You Need To Know!

We gv Mama June, Family Crisis spoilers has given us the new show. The premiere was explosive and emotional and there are a lot of concerns about the show. In fact, some of the viewers think that it could be fake. We have some new details on it and why people think it is fake.

We Tv Mama June, Family Crisis Spoilers: Is This Show Being Faked?

June Shannon has spent the last few years going down a spiral of drugs and crime so why do fans think it’s fake? Some say that the way it is playing out, Lauren taking care of Alana, then going on an all-expense paid trip to Los Angeles, all seems very scripted. Alana does seem very stressed out and upset about her mother being gone, but some viewers say that she is acting.

We Tv Mama June, Family Crisis Spoilers: Is It All Fake?

There are parts of the last two episodes that viewers say look very rehearsed. There is a scene in the living room, when the whole family is sitting around and Doe Doe really does act like she is reading a script. Alana sits and just plays on her phone while everyone is talking and fans think that she should be listening to what’s going on, but she just seems like she doesn’t care. There are also some parts in this scene where the person not talking has this lost or bored look in their eyes. Viewers think that they look bored because they have had these chats before when they were rehearsing! There is also a scene when Big Mike and Doe Doe are in Alabama and wanted to get some food. It just so happens that their server knows people that work in the casino and at the police station, so she is able to get them the numbers of some people that may have information for them. Does this ever happen in real life? The changes are slim to none, so did the network fake this scene in order to help them find Mama June?

Then we have to take in Mama June’s past. Does anyone remember when TLC fired her because of the man she was sleeping with that molested her daughter, Anna Shannon? It seems like June has frequently made horrible choices when it comes to her family, so many viewers aren’t sure why she is even on this show to begin with? It is clearly to get more money and fame and not to help her. If her family wanted to help her, they would have done other shows based on her past. It is sad that the girls are missing their mother and we will keep an eye on the show to see if there are any other signs that it is being scripted. In the meantime, you can watch it on We Tv on Fridays at 9 p.m. EST.

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