Univision Sin Miedo a la Verdad Spoilers: Hallucinations and reality checks


Univision Sin Miedo a la Verdad spoilers indicate Manuel “Manu” Montero (Álex Perea) recently had enough. Thanks to an attempt on his life, and Berenice Hidalgo’s (Tania Niebla) pleas, he took off for la playa with her. But we have a feeling that deep down, he’ll never leave this fight. Monday showed even more reason why. Here’s what you need to know.

Univision Sin Miedo a la Verdad Spoilers: Too good to last

We figured right from the beginning this wouldn’t work. He seemed a bit distracted last week. And, let’s face it: he’s the star. The whole show is built around how fight for the truth, changing his country for the better. He seriously can’t walk away from that forever.

Plus, Sin Miedo a la Verdad spoilers indicate he made a lot of enemies. And his death hoax didn’t last long. Eventually, Horacio Escamilla (Fermín Martínez) and the others will find him. And when they do, he’ll have no choice but to fight or die. Besides, we think he’s only half-heartedly in this beach plan because he’s lying to himself. But that never lasts.

Univision Sin Miedo a la Verdad Spoilers: Phobia

In a couple of moments, Manu showed the fear he has of fire. And who can blame him, since half his face and his arm looks like he was in a serious one. Plus, his enemies nearly killed him in another recently. But he looks like he wants to get over it. In one scene, he approached a bonfire and reached his hand toward it. This is where things got interesting.

Univision Sin Miedo a la Verdad Spoilers: Know your enemy

While he exorcised that particular demon, we think his subconscious came into play. Manu saw this old man who gave him all kinds of good advice, starting with fire isn’t his enemy. Then, the old man suggested that to know one’s enemy is to know yourself. And it’s more than possible to beat his real enemy. So, what’s this mean?

Univision Sin Miedo a la Verdad Spoilers: Manu’s future

We think Manu is jumping right back into the fight. During his talk with what must be a hallucination (the guy just disappeared out of nowhere), Manu asked if he could really overcome the situation. He was given a strategy just before the guy disappeared. So, we think he take that advice and go home.

Bere will be a whole other story. Sin Miedo a la Verdad spoilers indicate she was the main reason for this escape plan. She really doesn’t think it’s worth the risk anymore. Sin Miedo a la Verdad spoilers indicate she’ll likely fight Manu on going back. Especially after he’s pulled out of the water after hallucinating there was a boat. She’ll try and convince him none of this means anything, because the guy isn’t real. This will likely lead to them clashing, big time. And we’ll be looking forward to how he handles it.

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