Netflix La Casa de Papel (Money Heist) Spoilers: What To Know About Season 4!

Netflix La Casa de Papel spoilers indicate the season 4 promo is here! The popular series, which will premiere on April 3rd, looks like it’s going to be quite a ride. And it looks like there’s a lot of anxious fans who can’t wait, and we don’t blame them. Let’s take a look at the trailer.

Netflix La Casa de Papel Spoilers: The promo

They really went for it with this. It’s filled with action-packed imagery, as well as great production values. And while English subtitles tell fans what’s going on, there’s also dramatic classical and operatic sounds that add to the drama. It’s only been on YouTube for five days, and already it’s garnered over 100,000 views on the platform.

Netflix La Casa de Papel Spoilers: What it reveals

We’re only on season 1 right now, but we love the spoilers! And this promo provides plenty. For example, it shows Nairobi fighting for life in the wake of last season. It also shows Raquel dealing with the consequences of her own choices. Namely, aligning with the bad guys. She’ll be given a take-it-or-leave it deal that might spare her 30 years behind bars. What will she choose? We’ll have to see.

Also, we see a bit more unrest and chaos for this team, as well as the newer members in action. We are still trying to deal with the idea of ___ joining up with her kidnappers. La Casa de Papel spoilers reveal she chose the name Stockholm, which is a very fitting thing. We think the writers of this show have a bit of a twisted sense of humor, and we love it. So, what else?

Netflix La Casa de Papel Spoilers: Business as usual

We’re seeing a lot of chaos in season 1, as several incidents put the team and their goal in danger. La Casa de Papel spoilers indicate this continues in the newest part. One clip shows the Professor in his usual spot—monitoring camera footage. Unfortunately, all the cameras go dark as he’s forced to say they’re all on their own. We can’t wait to see how this situation turns out. Don’t forget that fans get an extra treat on premiere day—a documentary about the series. So, what’s the reaction?

Netflix La Casa de Papel Spoilers: Approved

It looks like fans are loving the new promo, and anxious to get the season started. Several fans joked about how they know most are going to just binge the whole thing in one day. That’s the dark side of the streaming world. Some pointed it they’ll see the whole thing in one day, then have to wait a whole year to see the rest. And we are right there with them.

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