BBC ‘EastEnders’ Spoilers: Kellie Bright Talks About Impact Of Linda’s Battle With Alcohol

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BBC ‘EastEnders’ spoilers finds that one of the biggest storylines in EastEnders over the past couple of months has been Linda Carter’s continued battle with alcohol. She has struggled to get a grip on her problem, and that has led to her being close to a divorce from Mick Carter. As well as that, she has also come close to losing her son.

The story is set to take a heartbreaking turn over the coming weeks, as Linda suffers a relapse and goes back to drinking. The decision will come after a disagreement with Sharon Mitchell, but Linda has spoken about the importance of telling her story.

BBC ‘EastEnders’ Spoilers: Bright Talks About Importance

Kellie Bright, who plays Linda, has admitted in interviews over the weekend that she has been touched by the impact that the storyline has had. She recalled a meeting with a fan, who admitted that he needed to move away from home because his mother continued to drink.

Bright then admitted that the soap has a responsibility with their stories, as they have an ability to ‘reach million and million of people on a level that perhaps others don’t.’ Fans have been complimentary of the soap’s ability to tell the story in a truthful way, and that only looks set to continue.

BBC ‘EastEnders’ Spoilers: Relapse For Linda Leads To Huge Decision

Linda’s relapse will come next week after Sharon is left furious with her friend after she misses out plans for the funeral of Dennis Rickman. Linda will be left mortified by her mistake, and that will lead her to hit the bottle. Later in the episode, Mick is told about Linda’s relapse.

The husband is left stunned as he believed that they were on their way to a full recovery, but he will be aware that he will need to make a drastic decision. Mick tells Linda that he is selling the Queen Vic so that she can recover, but will the decision have an immediate impact?

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