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TV Series Coming To Netflix This Month - February 2020

TV Series Coming To Netflix This Month – February 2020

Valentine’s day just got better with Netflix. The franchise has released a list of series that you can watch on February 1. You can snuggle up with your partner or by yourself to celebrate the world’s love day.

Locke & Key (Season 1)
Coming To Netflix: February 7th

One of the most anticipated TV series coming to Netflix this month is Locke & Key. It is an adaptation of a comic book series of the same name. This story follows the three Locke siblings who move to another home after their father’s murder. They find a much of keys that they later discover to have the ability to unlock powers and abilities. If you love mystery, then this is a must-watch for you.

Narcos: Mexico (Season 2)
Coming To Netflix: February 13th

Fans have waited so long for more stories of the Mexican drug world, but now we can watch it on Netflix this month, February 2020.

Narcos follows some of the biggest drug lords in the world and their desire for power.

Cable Girls (Season 5 – Part 1)
Coming To Netflix: February 14th

Spanish series is doing very well on the franchise, with Cable Girls being the longest-running series from the region created by the streaming giant. cable Girls’ final season wraps up the tale of the telephone operators.

Followers (Season 1)
Coming To Netflix: February 27th

This series follows the story of an aspiring actress who hits stardom following a post on Instagram. She becomes very popular and begins to experience all the pressure that comes with being a star.

According to Netflix, the show is witty, inspiring and heartfelt. Followers stars Elaiza Ileda, Miki Nakatani, and Mari Natsuki.

Better Call Saul (Season 5)
Coming To Netflix: Every Week Starting From February 24th

Note: Will Not Show On Netflix In The United States

Better Call Saul season 5 and final season will be released weekly on the franchise starting in late February. Netflix users have enjoyed watching Jimmy transition into Saul Goodman

US residents won’t be able to watch the season on Netflix at first. They will have to wait until after a year or so after the series has wrapped up.

Queen Sono (Season 1)
Coming To Netflix: February 28th

This month, February 2020, Queen Sono will come to Netflix. This is Netflix’s first Original series from Africa. Queen Sono Follows the secret agent that is tackling criminal operations. The series is created by Kagiso Lediga. Queen Solo’s role.is played by Pearl Thusi. Enjoy your Valentine’s day watching one of these interesting series on Netflix!

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