TLC I am Jazz Spoilers: Harvard Or Pomona? Jazz Jennings Torn Between Her Parents’ College Choice And Hers

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TLC I Am Jazz spoilers tell us that Jazz Jennings and her parents do not agree on the college she should attend. Jazz’s parents, Jeannette and Greg want their daughter to go to an Ivy League school. However, Jazz is not ready to let go off private school, Pomona. Jazz must however, make this decision on her own.

TLC I Am Jazz Spoilers: Jazz To Choose Between Two Schools

Fans watched Jazz Jennings get accepted into two colleges on the show. Now the TLC star must choose between the two schools – Pomona College, California and the prestigious Harvard University. This won’t be an easy decision to make for Jazz. Now, Jazz doesn’t know know which of the schools she wants to attend.

However, her parents let her know that Harvard is their choice.  On the next episode of I Am Jazz, Jazz Jennings will be at between two schools. The TLC star will say that her  “heart wants me to go to Pomona” and her “head wants me to go to Harvard”.

LLGBTQ advocate, Jazz Jennings is happy and proud of herself that she was able to get into an Ivy school, although she is aware that people think she was able to get it only because she is transgender. Jazz knows she worked hard to get into he school. But now, there is so much pressure on her.

TLC I Am Jazz Spoilers: Jazz’s Parents Want Harvard

Jazz’s parents, Greg and Jeanette Jennings want their daughter to go to Harvard. Harvard is their choice for two reasons. First, they want it because it is closer to them than the other school since they live in Florida now. Also, her mom doesn’t want her to move far away from her. Jeanette thinks Jazz “makes poor decisions.”

Jazz’s mum bas said that she always wants to be their for her daughter. The preview of I Am Jazz shows Jazz and her parents talking about her college choices. Her parents let her know that they want her to go to Harvard.  Jazz tells her parents “would you guys be disappointed if I did go to Pomona?” Her mom replies immediately, saying: “I’m not going to lie – I will be sad.” Her father tells her that this may be her only shot at going to a prestigious school.

TLC I Am Jazz Spoilers: Jazz Will Have To Decide for Herself

Jazz Jennings is torn between satisfying her parents and herself. But she won’t let her parents influence her decision.  Now, her parents want to to pick Harvard, but she won’t give up ok choosing Pomona yet. The episode of the TLC I Am Jazz show that Jazz wants to make the decision alone. She also wants her parents to support her decision.

Jazz asks Greg and Jeannette if they “trust that whatever path I take in life I will be successful.” Her mother says it’s not just about being successful. Jazz knows that the decision is hers to make even if it means breaking her parents’ hearts. Fans already know that she picked Harvard. But she pauses going to college while she focuses on taking care on herself.

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