Coronation Street Spoilers: Ray Forces Abi Into Bed?

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Coronation Street spoilers fans are going to be further outraged with Ray Crosby over the coming weeks as he blackmails Abi Franklin into sleeping with him. The two have had an on/off relationship over the past number of months, but Abi swiftly broke things off with him after learning about his history with women.

Ray has already had previous with various women on the street all refusing to bow down to him. Michelle Connor was the first to knock him back before she was forced to sign an NDA, which prohibited her from speaking about it. He then tried to make moves with Alya Nazir.

Coronation Street Spoilers: Bethany Exposes Ray’s Past

Alya was warned off Ray by Bethany Platt after she had spoken to various women who claimed that Ray sexually abused them. Alya finally believed Bethany when women backed up her story, but Abi then took the law into her own hands by publically embarrassing Ray at a gala last week.

Ray then warned Abi not to get involved as she would regret it. However, she then made matters worse for herself by stealing his car and then setting it on fire. This week fans have seen the police come looking for Abi as Ray has told them that she would be the most likely person to do that.

Coronation Street Spoilers: Ray To Blackmail Abi

Abi was given an alibi by Kevin Webster, who later admitted that he loved her. But, there lie will soon catch up with them as Ray finds damning evidence that pictures Abi in his car. This will leave Abi scared that both her and Kevin could find themselves in prison for giving false evidence.

Abi will do everything she can to protect them. However, Ray has ideas of his own and calls out Tyrone and Kevin on a fake breakdown. That will leave Abi at the garage by herself, and she is given an ultimatum by Ray. He states that if she sleeps with him, then he won’t show the dashcam footage to the police. Fans will have to watch next week’s episode to see whether she goes through with the offer. For any other soap opera and entertainment news, please visit Daily Soap Dish. For more royal and celeb baby news, come back to Celeb Baby Laundry.

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