CBS ‘The Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: Sad Billy At Victoria’s Bedside – Is He Being Disingenuous?

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CBS ‘The Young and the Restless’ (Y&R) spoilers finds that Victoria’s health is still in the hands of fate in the hospital. Her condition is still glim, and according to Nikki, it’s a limbo-type situation.
Billy enters her hospital room and is immediately taken to tears when he seems her. He is
breaking down at his beautiful ex-wife’s bedside and is visibly shaken. It appears to be a stark
contrast from his previous actions of defending Amanda’s name and remaining stoic.

Now, after Amanda ended their relationship, and Victor has placed the blame on Billy, he is finally letting
his emotion get the best of him. It’s difficult to determine whether Billy’s grief is really genuine, or if he is just emotional that things in HIS life aren’t going ideally. After all, we all remember the sob story he gave his mother, Jill Abbott, the other day. In the words of Billy, everyone that trusts me ends up regretting it. Which is a far cry from, i’m so deeply hurt that my ex-wife and the mother-of- my-child is fighting for her life in a hospital bed.

CBS ‘The Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: Poor Sad, Disingenuous Billy At Victoria’s Bedside

As Billy is next to Victoria, the audience sees that Nick is getting ready to enter the hospital
room. The Newman family is still blaming Billy for Victoria’s attack, so Billy avoids a verbal
altercation by sneaking out unseen by his former brother-in-law. The entire situation between Victoria and Billy is a little lacklustre. Unfortunately, Billy sometimes has a knack for being disingenuous and a little cringy. His reaction in the hospital bed is exactly what the audience had HOPED to see after Victoria’s attack. However, it seems to be coming a little late – as Billy was so busy with his new flame.

‘Young and the Restless’ fandom can probably agree that Billy’s emotion is late to the party,
and it probably won’t change the Newman search that Victor has sent his way. Unfortunately
for Billy, things might be getting significantly bleaker than they are for Victoria.
What do you think? Are you annoyed of Billy playing the victim? Or do you feel bad that he has
been slam-dunked with a lot of unfortunate news lately?

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