Telemundo Operación Pacífico Spoilers: Save the date! The adventure’s about to begin…

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Telemundo Operación Pacífico spoilers reveal a new series is on its way to Telemundo. Promos for the series have been airing for a while, always with the “soon” tag. Well, we finally learned the series premieres on February 10th, 2020 at 10 PM EST. We’ve also seen a few details about the storyline. Let’s talk about what we know so far.

Operación Pacífico Spoilers: The basics

The series will follow the story of Amalia Ortega, played by Majida Issa. The actress is best known for her role as drug trafficker Yésica “La Diabla” Beltrán in the Paraíso franchise. She left such a mark that when the show went flashback crazy, her scenes were the only ones fans weren’t complaining about online. Now, that’s what we call presence. In this show, she’ll switch sides, playing an agent determined to take down a drug dealer. The series is actually being billed as a unique entry to the narco novela genre, as it’s focused mostly on an agent’s effort to take down a criminal.

Another thing fans will be excited about is the participation of Johanna Fadul. She played Diabla’s daughter, Daniela Bererra on the show. In this one, she’ll play Amalia’s sister, Mariana, who Amalia pretty much raised. The most recent promo offers a little extra insight. Let’s break it down.

Operación Pacífico Spoilers: The promo

We’ve seen Issa as a boss before, but this time, it’s interesting to see her as a good guy who’s not randomly offing people with jumper cables and other things. We also like the shot of Issa submerged in an ice bath. It’s a striking, unique shot that hints at more creative choices to come. But who is the lead?

Operación Pacífico Spoilers: Multi-talented

The actress also starred in La Guzman, a bio novela about musician Alejandra Guzman. While fans apparently weren’t lining up for Issa playing this character as a teenager and beyond, the part was a natural fit. The actress herself is also an accomplished singer. She released several singles while playing Diabla, and has continued to work in music and more since leaving the part. You can see one of those songs below.

The actress brings a lot of good energy to social media as well, showing she’s far removed from her former onscreen persona. In a recent post, she expressed excitement for the new year, as well as gratitude for her new role and the fans who follow her journey. Keep an eye out for her, because we’re sure (assuming she wants it) she’ll be the next Telemundo star to crossover.

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