CBS The Young and the Restless & Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: CBS Preempts Impeachment Due to Low Ratings?

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CBS Daytime Rumors for the Young and the Restless & the Bold and the Beautiful find that seems like only yesterday President Donald Trump’s Impeachment was all the news, and the stations decided to cash in on the ratings bonanza. Not quote a bonanza if some rumors about CBS to preempt the impeachment due to low ratings.

Sure, this could just be rumors hopeful fans of ‘Young and the Restless’ and ‘Bold and the Beautiful’ started with the hopes that some higher up will see it and put the shows back on.

CBS Daytime Rumors: History repeats

Twenty plus years ago the networks put their daytime lineup on hold for the OJ Simpson trial. The result was the deathblow to a majority of the soap opera genre. Many fans tuned out after weeks of not seeing their stories, and the shows began decreasing due to low ratings, lack of sponsors, etc. Where there was once several hours on each channel, there now were more talk shows and game shows. Some of the shows survived, but the budgets continued to dwindle over the next twenty-plus years until four remained.

By all accounts, this seems like a lesson that would be remembered even a couple of decade later, but it appears it may have been partially forgotten with a new run of news. Like with the OJ Simpson trial, the impeachment proceedings were thought to be a ratings bonanza, or at least that’s the logical assumption on the networks’ part.

CBS Daytime Rumors: Backlash starts at home

While some networks tried to find ways to work with their fans with hit or miss attempts, CBS appears to be going one step further. Again, if the fan rumors are true.

Yesterday, January 23, CBS showed the first twenty-two minutes of The Young and the Restless before it was preempted for a local car chase, which was then preempted for the Impeachment proceedings. If this is any indication, there may be more to the fan rumor than meets the eye, and we may also get to watch The Bold and the Beautiful instead of the proceedings.

CBS Daytime Rumors: Follow the money

Years ago, daytime television was a treasure trove of riches for home-based products that were displayed while housewives and househusbands watched their stories. But that’s shifted over the last couple of decades as more people entered the work force.

Even during daytime television’s heyday, primetime was where the money was. So, it was only logical for daytime shows to be preempted for any news. But that logic falls short in today’s world. We have news networks set up for this purpose, and regularly scheduled news broadcasts every few hours throughout the day that can recap the proceedings. Never mind the internet and the ability to stream nearly everything but what we want to see. This leans more toward the executives being out of touch with what the viewing public wants, and a nig reason why streaming companies are slowly pushing them into obscurity.

Given that, is it any wonder CBS to preempt Impeachment due to low ratings is a rumor that’s gained a foothold? To be honest, most aren’t going to tune into the proceedings because we’re burned out and want our shows. The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful offer an escape most crave, so hopefully CBS takes this rumor and makes it happen. If they’re after ratings, then the worst case is they go up. Sounds like a win-win.

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