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TLC 'Sister Wives' Spoilers: The Spotlight Is On Meri Brown Now!

TLC ‘Sister Wives’ Spoilers: The Spotlight Is On Meri Brown Now!

TLC 'Sister Wives' Spoilers: The Spotlight Is On Meri Brown Now!

TLC ‘Sister Wives’ Spoilers: finds that as the New Year is upon us, we are excited about the new season of ‘Sister Wives’. Last season showed the Brown family moving to Flagstaff, Arizona in hopes of finding a better way of life. They were looked down upon for their lifestyle choices when they lived in Utah and in Las Vegas, so they hoped this move would be better for them. We hope so too. We wanted to take the time to spotlight one of the wives, Meri Brown.

TLC ‘Sister Wives’ Spoilers: New Season and New Drama

The new season of Sister Wives will air on January 5th at 9 p.m. for a special two-hour episode. In the spoilers, we saw Kody Brown and Meri trying to work through their relationship issues. This has been a topic since the last season of Sister Wives. Some fans think that Meri has really gotten things back together in her life, but there are other fans that see her life as being controlled by Kody.

TLC ‘Sister Wives’ Spoilers: Spotlight On Meri Brown

On Meri’s Instagram, we can see just how happy she is with doing her side business, which is selling LulaRoe. She appears to have quite a following on social media and many friends. Why do fans think she is unhappy? Is her social media page just a facade? Fans think that she could be unhappy because of how she is portrayed on the show. She is often sad and crying.


Kody has humiliated her on television, which is one of the reasons fans say that she needs her own life. Meri was very upset when her daughter, Mariah, came out of the closet, but since then she has learned to accept her choice of lifestyle. We have seen two different faces of Meri and we can say that she does seem to be very successful.

She has been part of the LulaRoe team for over three years. Her website looks great and she is a trainer for the business. She runs a bed and breakfast, she loves to travel, and she appears to be a strong, independent woman. Her posts on social media are very positive and she seems very happy. Why do fans give her a hard time on social media?

Some fans say that it looks like she is on lockdown on the show, but from looking at her social media, she seems so happy with her life! As for this new season, we are happy to see what is next for Meri. Do we think that we will see her being emotional, but isn’t that what reality television is all about the drama? Stay tuned for the new season of Sister Wives on TLC. For any other soap opera and entertainment news, please visit Daily Soap Dish. For more royal and celeb baby news, come back to Celeb Baby Laundry