‘The Bold And Beautiful’ Spoilers: Will Brooke and Ridge Go Through With Divorce? What You Need To Know!

'The Bold And Beautiful' Spoilers: Will Brooke and Ridge Go Through With Divorce? What You Need To Know!

‘The Bold and Beautiful’ (B&B) Spoilers has revealed that Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye), thinking it will shake her, gives his wife, Brooke Logan (Katerine Kelly Lang) scares his wife with divorce papers, but this doesn’t work. He goes home and he gives her divorce papers, but to his frustration, it has no effect on her.

Here is everything you need to know.

‘The Bold And Beautiful’ Spoilers: Will Brooke and Ridge End Their Marriage? Everything You Need To Know!

‘Bold and Beautiful’ spoilers scenes tells us that Ridge Forrester talks about everything to Shauna Fulton; how the relationship between him and his wife have turned sour. Ridge says that he thinks what’s between him and his wife is over as their marriage is about to hit the rocks. This makes Shauna happy but she is trying to hide her emotions because she is in love with him.

This week, Ridge tells Shauna Fulton that things between him and his wife have become so bad and that he’s going to draw up divorce papers. Shauna is surprised and thinks that Ridge is going too fast. However, Ridge has a plan. He is banking on the fact that if he shakes Brooke a bit, she’d forget Thomas Forrester.

‘The Bold And Beautiful’ Spoilers: Ridge Hands Over Divorce Papers to Brooke. Will Shauna Get Her Chance?

B&B spoilers reveal that Ridge Forrester hoped that legal papers will bring Brooke back to her senses, but this didn’t happen. Right now, Brooke is even more convinced than ever that Thomas is a threat, even though Hope Logan feels otherwise. Ridge doesn’t know this, however, so he shows up at her door with the divorce papers and tells her that he is willing to change his mind if she is willing to change her attitude about his son.

B&B spoilers also tell us that Brooke digs in her heels. It is obvious that her hatred for Thomas Forrester is more than her love for Ridge, at the moment at least. ‘Bold and the Beautiful’ spoilers say that this didn’t shake Brooke. So if Ridge still wants his marriage with Brooke to work, he has to put up with her. B&B spoilers reveal that this seems less likely. Not when ego-stroking Shauna is waiting to make him feel really good about himself.

Brooke wants it to be like before. She tells her sisters that Ridge used to listen to her in the past. She then tells Ridge what he needs to do if he wants her back. But because he thinks it is her who needs to make it work, everything may blow up in her face. It is beginning to look like Ridge and Brooke’s marriage will hit the skids for good. And who knows, Shauna may get what she wants after all.

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