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TLC Sister Wives Spoilers: All About Gwen Brown’s New Job

TLC Sister Wives

TLC Sister Wives spoilers is saying that when we watch reality television shows, much like Sister Wives, we always wonder what they do for work. It takes a lot of money to live the way the Sister Wives do and we have recently found out that Gwen Brown is currently working as a chef on the Polar Express. We got a chance to see what she does and she got a chance to take her family on a trip to the North Pole.

TLC Sister Wives Spoilers: The Polar Express and the Brown’s

Although, some of the Brown children didn’t get to spend the holidays in Flagstaff, the ones that did got a chance to enjoy a ride of the Polar Express. Gwen works as a chef on the train. She got to treat the family for a great holiday weekend! The Brown family loves Christmas and they are constantly doing anything they can to show the family how important it is to them. They play pranks on each other, but they also treat their family to awesome things, such as a getaway on the Polar Express.

TLC Sister Wives Spoilers: Gwen Brown’s Job

Janelle Brown was so excited to post on her Instagram, the pictures of the Browns on the Polar Express. She wrote, “Had so much fun riding the Polar Express last night with the family. Our very own Gwen was working in our car! The magic of these events is the best when observed through the eyes of our youngest children.”

Fans of the show were immediately asking questions about if Gwen works there full time or was this something just for the family. She works as the chef for the train and many fans of the show have also posted that she was the chef for their car too! Other fans said they saw her last month and they enjoyed having her as their chef. They said she was great at her job and very kind to everyone on board. If you live in Arizona, you may get a chance to see Gwen the next time you take a famous train through the city. We hope to see more of this ride on the show, but until then, we have to wait to see the Browns in action. Sister Wives airs on January 5 at 9 p.m. EST on TLC. This will be a very special two hour episode to help catch us up!

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