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Check Out the Trailer For Netflix's V Wars

Check Out the Trailer For Netflix’s V Wars

In late November, Netflix floated the trailer for V Wars, a vampire action-horror show starring The Vampire Diaries’ Ian Somerhalder and Adrian Holmes. My first thought upon hearing about the show was “Oh cool, Ian’s back.” After seeing the trailer, it was “…and he’s back with these vampires! Decent!” 

Details from the V Wars Trailer 

Netflix’s trailer for V Wars lays out both an ancient epidemic that is turning people into bloodthirsty creatures and humans’ battle for survival. It’s an age-old war shown in screen works such as Blade, Underworld, The Strain, and so on.  

Vampires have the advantage of super strength and super speed and from the trailer, they don’t seem to be too bothered by sunlight. What rocks about the vampires in V Wars is that they’re near savage in their attacks.  

While Michael Fayne (Holmes) seems to retain his thoughts to the point of issuing a declaration of war on humans in the trailer, most of the vampires go for the throat. Few of them are standing around talking with what is essentially their meals about the anguish of being vampires and so on. No, the trailer gives us action and horror in equal doses and that works just fine for me.  

These are the vampires that some horror fans have wanted for over ten years. I mean, we kind of got that with The Strain but that show fell off the rails and into the ditch by the end of season two. 

In the trailer, we also see some of the allies of both main characters and how things escalate from the early stages of the outbreak to trying to control it by force—all while Dr. Swann (Somerhalder) is trying to work on a cure for the disease.  

If you’ve watched anything involving an outbreak or apocalypse-related you’ll know that this is how things jump-off in the shows. There’s chaos all around, someone is working diligently on curing or preventing the spread and eventually they get drawn into the chaos in a game of survival. Meaning that the idea of curing it takes a backseat. 


It’s the kind of teaser that either piques your interest or sells you on the show weeks before it debuts. For me, it was a mixture of both but I knew V Wars wasn’t something I could “get around to” and just add to my watch later list. You can check out my spoiler-free insights on the series here.