‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: John Brainwashes Leo Into Dropping Charges Against Sonny and Will, Drops Paternity Shocker Truth Bomb In Exchange

Wondering why Marlena ends up poisoned on DOOL this week? Look to the cookie! Or rather, look to the person that baked them, Diana. Never let it be said that she’s not thorough when it comes to vanquishing her enemies! After a little research through Marlena’s medical records, she found out about her penicillin allergy and made a batch of deadly penicillin cookies especially for our beloved Doc! Nothing says loving like anaphylactic shock! Not only does deranged Diana set up Marlena’s murder, but she also writes a note, thanking Marlena for all her help and signs it with Haley Chen’s name! That is not going to look good to the authorities who are already out to get Haley for being in the country illegally. Geeze Diana, you’re setting yourself up for some really bad karma here, but I guess that doesn’t matter as long as you get your man, does it?

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: John Brainwashes Leo Into Dropping Charges Against Sonny and Will, Gives Him Paternity Shocker Truth Bomb In Exchange

John has a sit-down with Leo after Leo catches him breaking into the safe. Leo is understandably freaked out and doesn’t know what will happen next after the evidence that John has uncovered. But John reassures him, much like a Dad would, and persuades him to drop the charges against Sonny and Will telling him that it would be for the best if he did. Speaking of being a Dad, he even lets Leo in on the whole paternity claim from Diana (wow, no shade to John, but that’s surprisingly forthcoming!), and Leo accepts all of his advice like a good son, so now Will and Sonny can breath a sigh of relief.

Jack, going on information from Eve Donovan, will manipulate Tripp into giving up Haley’s whereabouts. Claire acts like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth when the cops arrive to arrest Haley, but even though Tripp is reeling from shock, Claire might find that her attempts to sweep her deception under the rug will be harder than she initially thought. If he finds out about her shady dealings with Eve, then could he possibly find out about her attempt to kill Ciara too? And what will that mean for their relationship?

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