‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Ben Willing To Risk Everything To Save Ciara, Including Losing Her – Is Ben a Hopeless Romantic Or Just Plain Crazy?

‘Days of Our Lives’ spoilers relate that Hayley Chen’s (Thia Megia) got a new ally, Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson) has his old job back, and Rex Brady (Kyle Lowder) continues to prove he’s too immature to marry. In case you missed the Days of Our Lives spoilers for Tuesday, catch up with your Days of Our Lives recap of the highlights.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Lucky break

Ciara Brady (Victoria Konefal) forgot her keys, giving Tripp Dalton (Lucas Adams) the chance to send Hayley up to his room. Once the coast is clear, he lets Hope Brady (Kristian Alfonso) and Ciara in. They wanna know what the hold up was, and he claims to have been napping. Ciara notices a bag Hayley left behind (oops!) and knows something is up. While Tripp is putting the bag that allegedly belongs to Claire Brady (Olivia Rose Keegan) back, Ciara gets rid of mom. As soon as Tripp returns, she calls BS on the bag being Claire’s because she’d never use a knock-off. She assumes Tripp is cheating on Claire already and calls out, “Here, Skanky, Skanky, Skanky” before demanding that the girl obviously hiding in here show herself. And we have to take a moment to recover from the that fall we took laughing. When she learns that it’s really Hayley being hidden from the cops, she seems to be taken aback a moment. It looks like she might keep Hayley there until the police can arrive for a second, but she instead agrees to help. 

Welcome back

Chloe Lane (Nadia Bjorlin) is about to leave for work when she realizes they’re likely being watched. She’s getting worried. Stefan DiMera (Tyler Christopher) assures her all is well and offers the use of his car and driver. She gratefully accepts and he promises to have the car waiting. The call he makes first, though, is to an unknown person that he needs to get there right away. The invitation turns out to be for Ben. Stefan wants him back as security head. Ben admits that he’d actually been coming to quit before Chad fired him. Stefan’s confused, and Ben fills him in on how Ciara reacted to the Gabi Hernandez (Camila Banus) kidnapping, and his recent worries. If Ben comes back there’s a condition, which amuses Stefan. He plays along, though. Ben makes it clear that he can’t be taking any assignments even remotely like the Gabi one again. Especially not now. Stefan tells him that his assignment is actually to protect a woman. Chloe, to be more specific. He knows she’s in danger, but doesn’t want her to know that and live in fear. 

Speaking of Chloe, she’s surprised to learn from Rex that Sarah Horton (Linsey Godfrey) forgave him, and and even more so that Rex is trying to get Eric Brady (Greg Vaughan) to help convince Sarah to say ‘yes’. She thinks that’s a bit much, and we can’t agree more. This guy is seriously not right. He’s too pushy, and kind of immature—not remotely marriage material. Anyway, while they’re talking, Rex notices a guy with a gun in Doug’s Place and warns her.

Also today: Sarah admits to Eric that she was only partially being truthful about being sensitive to Eric’s feelings. She’s also not very trusting right now and (wisely) doesn’t think that bodes well. Eric is an idiot by encouraging her to give Rex a chance. This whole Sarah/Rex thing has disaster written all over it. 

Also, Ted Laurent (Gilles Marini) and Rafe Hernandez (Galen Gering) are at each other’s throats over Hope, and Hope is actually sort of standing up for Ted. She threw him running off just before Ciara was kidnapped in his face. Nice move, Hope. Watch how far you dig that knife in, though. Might come back to bite you…

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