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'Young and the Restless' Spoilers: Eric Braeden Preaches Patience In Light Of Mal Young's Departure, Y&R's Direction Changing For The Better?

‘Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: Eric Braeden Preaches Patience In Light Of Mal Young’s Departure, Y&R’s Direction Changing For The Better?

The ‘Young and the Restless’ spoilers tease that executive producer and head writer Mal Young’s Christmas scenes are outstanding. The soap opera veteran’s departure was recently announced, which makes this week’s work noteworthy.

‘Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: Mal Young, Making Moves and Eliciting Strong Reactions From Fans

Young’s tenure, as is true of other behind-the-scenes VIP’s on this and on other daytime soaps, has naturally elicited a variety of opinions. Such is the case in the modern world, where social media provides fans a digital platform megaphone to project passionate feelings. The emotions that have long been linked to daytime audiences is what keeps the genre alive. Young, like others in his place, before, now, and likely henceforth, knows that strong beliefs allow such shows to exist.

‘Y&R’ Spoilers: Nikki’s Christmas Scenes, A Touching Throwback

‘Young and the Restless’ spoilers relate Christmas week scenes showing a radiant Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki) are therefore especially touching. Y&R fans, along with countless human beings across the world, have long wondered what comatose loved ones are aware of and if the presence of those closest to them is felt. As viewers saw, Nikki heard what Vickie (Amelia Heinle), Reed (Tristan Lake Leabu), and Nick (Joshua Morrow) were saying. Then, when she was being called to the light of Heaven, the one and only Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) appeared.

Braeden’s welcomed return to the show follows his absence throughout the fall. The actor previously stated that he was visiting longtime friends in Europe, but fans are right to wonder if TPTB had offered Y&R’s thirty-eight-year veteran less work in recent months, or if a contract dispute was silently occurring?

‘Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: Cruddy Backstage Atmosphere To Blame For Young’s Departure?

A variety of cast members have either implied, or actually expressed displeasure with Y&R’s atmosphere within the last year, or so. Young’s departure was expressed as voluntary, with Tony Morina being elevated to executive producer and Josh Griffith returning to a role he once had as head writer. These changes can be considered answers to the question seen above.

Braeden recently took to social media to preach patience about the show’s direction. That surely means he is pleased with what’s coming and certainly expects to regain his heavy-hitter status.

‘Young and Restless’ Spoilers: Eric Braeden (Victor Newman) Preaches Patience Now That Young’s Gone – A Sign Of Good Things To Come?

A fair assessment of Young’s tenure would highlight the unexpected and very controversial nature of Thad Luckinbill’s (J.T.) return to the cast and write-out. Full kudos to that actor for being willing to play his character deeply dark and to Young for green-lighting an unforgettable, lengthy arc. This storyline, in particular, strongly shifted the show, wrote out and in various characters, and also projects into the future. That bold choice took guts to conceive, present and pull off.

Soap is steeped in emotional investment, making the scenes with Nikki in her comatose state truly great. A returned Victor asked his love to stay (on Earth) and then to play. Y&R’s trademark overlay rolled, as Nikki gifted Nadia’s Theme to the audience with an apparent north star calling her from above. It was brilliant.

Each person who has been involved with this indelible soap since 1973, be he, or she, behind the camera, or in front of it, has helped to make Y&R great. All audience members, both here, or since in the hereafter know that they’ve always been and will remain a part of the show’s family and are appreciated.

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