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'Days of Our Lives' Spoilers: The Saga Heats Up

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: The Saga Heats Up

‘Days of Our Lives’ spoilers indicate lots of action with the upcoming holiday bustle. So let’s get your Days of Our Lives recap going. Today, we spend our time on two main plots again.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers – December 14 Recap

Today, we got a lot of action with Abigail moving her plan to bust Gabi forward. It wasn’t without obstacles, though. A big one comes right off the bat when Stefan tries to get Abigail, thinking she’s Gabby-with-a-Y, into bed. She reminds him that she’s still recovering from childbirth, but promises that she’ll be seeing the doctor soon and get a better idea of where she’s at. He gives in, but tries to at least get some snuggle action (like, wow… I didn’t peg him for being the type to be happy with just lying in bed together), but a sudden phone call saves the day.

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‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers – The Abigail/Gabi Saga Heats Up

Stefan leaves to take care of a crisis and Abigail is free to meet with Julie as planned. I question her choice of the park at the square. It seems completely NOT smart, seeing as how everyone in Salem practically lives there. At least, it seems that way, based on how many have been busted in the middle of plotting there.

So what’s Stefan’s crisis? Well, seems that Chad is pulling some legal power play regarding some oil fields that he says Titan has a claim to. What he really wants is to try and push Stefan into putting Abigail back into treatment. He calls Stefan out for going back on his deal to keep Charlotte, but Stefan argues semantics. After all, it was Abigail he agreed to lock up, not his Gabby-with-a-Y. When Chad leaves, Gabi, who was there for the whole thing, decides to get some digs in and ask Stefan if he’s sure it’s not Abigail he’s actually harboring. Yes, this is going to get ugly…

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers – Abigail and Julie Have A Plan

While all that is going on, Abigail meets with Julie sans wig (not smart, girl) to go over a plan. After a little discussion of the facts they know, Abigail decides to sneak into Kayla’s office to get info on Gabi’s sedative prescription, while Julie is going to search the Kiriakis place for any evidence against her. I am left in awe that no one showed up at the park the whole time they talked. I think you-know-where just froze over…

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers – Balance Restored

Later, the two initiate their plan and I am once more assured that nature’s balance is back in place. Why? Because Julie not only gets caught by Maggie, but after sneaking in a second time, she’s just managed to find the envelope that holds the real baby Charlotte paternity results when Gabi walks in the room. Will she manage to get away with the envelope? We’ll see. For Abigail’s part, she sneaks into the office okay, but Kayla arrives before she can get the info. I guess that’s the price they pay for not getting busted at the park. Again… balance, people.

‘DOOL Spoilers – Here we go…

The other plot had to do, once again, with little Holly’s future. Sarah is upset that Maggie broke the news the way she did, and Eric is furious about his plans being destroyed. He hurries to meet with Chloe and try to straighten this out. As bad as Chloe feels, though, she’s not willing to just dismiss what the letter says, which she obviously was still having a hard time with, given she was standing there alone reading it aloud. Who does that?

Eric tries to convince her that Nicole wanted him and Holly together, but Chloe’s gotta go by the written documentation. Brady, of course, steps in to make things so much better. He tries to spin the whole conversation he finally admits to hearing as the words of a woman who knew what was already in place, but was just trying to save her love from going down with her. I call bull on that, because not only did a lot change in that time, but who can be expected to remember that letter in such an extreme situation? Eric doesn’t buy it and calls him out, but it looks like we’re in for one interesting fight ahead.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers – DOOL Side Notes

Side note: Rex calls Sarah to tell her that Mimi and the baby will be in Chicago, where he can be closer to his daughter. This ticks off Sarah big-time, and Kayla mentions there’s a position open right there in Salem. Looks like someone might have an out with that whole pressure to return to work thing.

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