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‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers and Recap Thursday, December 13: Let The Battle Begin – The Hostage Situation Continues

Ready for some Days of Our Lives spoilers? Well, I got you covered with a new Days of Our Lives recap. After all, who wants to miss out on the action because of internet problems or DVR mishaps, right? Let’s start with what’s sure to be a very rough storyline that definitely had me ranting…

‘Days of Our Lives’ spoilers – Thursday, December 13 Recap: Let the battle begin…

‘Days of Our Lives’ spoilers indicate that with Sarah’s help, Maggie is now on board with Eric raising Holly. It was, after all, Nicole’s final wish. Eric is happy for a fresh start and, with more help from Sarah, he dives into prep for welcoming a little one into his life. There’s one big issue they discuss: where to live.

As luck with have it, Will comes along and happens to mention needing help because he can’t afford to keep the apartment he got for him and Paul alone. They offer for Eric to take over the lease on the place, and Will shows them some pictures. They love it, of course, and Eric and Sarah go to explore it further while Will calls to deal with the landlord.

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What they don’t know during all their excitement is that Chloe was named guardian when Nicole was still early into her time as Xander’s captive. She had a lawyer draw up papers which, obviously, pre-date her reuniting, so to speak, with Eric and her dying request. Who can be expected to remember pesky paperwork when you’re trapped in a burning building. Sadly, Maggie has no choice but to go along because the paperwork is in place for this, and not for Eric.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers – The Rat

Brady, the rat, doesn’t help at all. He goes on about how that’s obviously Nicole’s wish and how great it would be for Holly to live with Chole and her half-brother, knowing full well what her real wish was. Even worse, the creep outright denies it when my girl Maggie calls him on his enthusiastic support and his possible motives. He denies it to Chloe, too. With nothing left to do, and no backup on Nicole’s true wishes, Maggie goes to break the news to Eric. I’m totally calling a major relapse or rampage any day now.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: The Hostage Situation Continues…

Meanwhile, Sheila continues to be completely oblivious to the fact the only person in the whole room who wants this wedding to happen (including the other groom) is Leo. The proceedings are interrupted by the always-awesome Victor coming in the room and demanding to know what the hell is going on here.

He gets even more fired up with he realizes that Sonny is about to marry the con artist who tried to ruin them all. He’s not a fan of Sheila, either, who keeps being her snarky inappropriate self. To avoid further trouble, they suggest they Leo go discuss her money issue with Leo while they all talk.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: When You Kill Someone, You Best Make Sure That Someone Is Actually Dead

Victor, having learned the truth now, awesomely points out that when one kills someone, one should make sure the someone in question is actually dead. Now knowing the whole story, he consents to let this happen, but he is not very welcoming to his new family member.

Sheila returns with Leo and they continue with the ceremony. Sheila, though, really better practice her ceremony in the future, because she was a bumbling mess. Between that, her bad attitude, and the so-so job she’s doing for Abe, it’s amazing this girl can remember how to dress.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Ceremony Done

The ceremony now done, she asks for a tip. Sonny begs off, saying he hasn’t got anything. Then Leo turns to “Uncle Vic”, who not only told him, “Call me that again and see what happens,” but he also told Sheila to go to hell and get out of his house. Have I mentioned how hilarious and awesome this man is? Yeah.

Their story ends with Leo leaving the room to find some booze to celebrate and Sonny planning to go find Will. Victor puts the kibosh on that, refusing to put the family company and fortune in any more danger until they figure out what to do about Leo. Justin’s going to be working on a way.

Sidenote: Sarah is being pressured to go back to Chicago and her job, but she’s starting to like Salem. She and Eric also have been getting closer to the whole episode.

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