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'Days of Our Lives' Spoilers - Double Trouble, Painful Truths and Ben's Got Luck On His Side

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers – Double Trouble, Painful Truths and Ben’s Got Luck On His Side

‘Days of Our Lives’ spoilers indicate some fun times ahead with Kate Mansi’s return as Abigail. If you missed DOOL on Friday, November 30 no worries because your recap is in, filling you in on all the action. Beware of spoilers if you’ve got this sitting on the DVR…. Let’s check out the highlights that closed out the last week of November.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers – Friday, November 30 Recap: Abigail or Gabby-with-a-Y?

So, you may have seen the brief glimpse of the returning Kate Mansi yesterday as Abigail. Today, we actually got to see it in action and it looks like we’re in for some fun times. Chad manages to get a visit with Abigail, thanks to Jennifer and, as I figured, it doesn’t go well. When he comes in, she pretty quickly tells him to get lost. He, of course, tries to talk his way out of the dog house, but Abigail isn’t having it. He didn’t believe her, after all, and he is the one who made a deal behind her back.

A mention of pictures and video of the kids changes her tune slightly, and Abigail seems to be warming up a bit. That is, until the pictures of her son at the park for his birthday and Chad explains he told their son mommy had to go away for a little while. She goes off on him for his betrayal and asks if he told the child it’s his fault. He still maintains that he did it for her own good, but that does no good as she tells him he, of all people, should have believed her. She tells him again to get out and when Chad doesn’t leave immediately, she runs to the door and bangs on it as she yells for someone to get in here.

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When the orderly arrives, she tells him Chad is bothering her and she wants him gone. I wonder why Chad going over to the door twice and knocking before he mentioned the photos didn’t draw the man’s attention. Shouldn’t he have been ready to step in, considering that Abigail attacked the last visitor we saw alone with her? Anyway, once Chad is out of the way she asks a favor of the orderly…

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers – DOOL Double Trouble?

Yesterday, we saw Ben seek out Stefan for a job and they continue their back and forth, as Stefan still isn’t sure why he should hire Ben, of all people. Ben insists he’s the right man for the security job and he has nowhere else to go. He impresses on Stefan how important it is to him to get his life on track, and plays of Stefan’s own pariah status in Salem.

It seems he found a soft spot, because Stefan ends up agreeing to hire him. He warns, however, any failures and he’s gone. Ben assures him he won’t be disappointed, and then manages to talk Stefan into letting him live there as well. Hey, a guy can’t do his job right if he’s barely sleeping while hanging at the homeless shelter, right? I’m very interested to see what trouble these two are sure to get in. Stefan leaves to tend to a call after ordering Ben to make the place a fortress before baby Charlotte returns, as well as find Ted.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers – Luck’s on Ben’s Side

As luck seems to be on Ben’s side right now, Ted just happens to call right then on a Satellite phone given to him by Hope. She’s banking on Ted getting a confession on a line that just “happened” to be tapped for an unrelated reason. I’m banking on Hope being out of a job before long if she keeps this up. Rafe is already wondering what she’s up to, and she’s breaking procedure.

Stefan, meanwhile, has been called to Bayview by Abigail. When he arrives, she tells him she’s actually Gabby-with-a-Y. Hmm… a little more trickery from Abigail to get Stefan’s help in leaving? After all, her attempts with Chad failed miserably. I guess we’ll see…

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers – The truth hurts on DOOL

Sonny and Will are shocked at the idea Kate would do such a thing, and insists that Leo has to be wrong. Leo lays it all out for them, presenting a perfect case for why, in fact, she did. This includes pointing out how Leo’s desperate plea the night before the trial came just after Chad was named CEO of Titan. (By the way… does Chad do any actual work? I mean, he sure seems to have a lot of free time to make shady deals and plot getting back in Abigail’s good graces.) The arguments he presents are solid enough for Will to promise he’ll go see Kate, and if she tried to hurt Sonny in that way, he’ll deal with her.

Kate’s back on DOOL

Speaking of Kate… she gets dragged back into Gabi’s drama when Gabi corners her while out with Rafe. Gabi needs her to vouch for Abigail’s attack again, because the questions from different sources are getting to be too much. She reluctantly backs the story, then lays into Gabi after Rafe leaves. She’s tired of getting dragged in and wants Gabi to reveal the truth of Charlotte’s paternity. Gabi promises to do so once she thinks of the perfect way to do it. Plus, she wants to give Stefan more time to bond so the truth will really hurt him. Will shows up at the end of the scene to demand some truth of his own.

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